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Queens Aquatic Club, QNS, is an organization that can meet any swimmers needs. Our philosophy is technique, technique, technique! That is carried from our first level in swim school through the highest level of the competitive team. There is no need to swim a lap unless it is perfect. Queens Aquatic Club has two arms and will be able to accommodate you no matter what swim experience you are looking for.


First, is QAC Swim School. The goal of the QAC Swim School is to instill a love of swimming that will stay with the swimmer for life. While promoting safety, health and proper technique.


Second, is the competitive team. Queens Aquatic Club will produce the highest level of athlete, competing against the best the sport has to offer. The goal of the competitive team is not only being the best club in Queens, but being recognized as one of the top clubs in the country.




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Future Stars QAC Swim School’s learn to swim class, the prerequisite is to be able to enter the water without a parent and place face in the water. Participants will learn the basics of proper over the water arm stroke and body position for freestyle, with introducing side breathing; and proper body position on back with introduction of back kick and stroke.



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Bronze is QAC Swim School’s beginner level. Swimmers are required to be able to put face in and show basic movement of arms for freestyle and tread water unassisted and be comfortable on their back in water. Sessions are 45 minutes, there will be an instructor in the water. The basics of stroke technique are refined for free and back. Breaststroke and Butterfly are introduced.



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SILVER – ‘PRE-TEAM’ 60 Minute Class: All 4 strokes are refined through technique & endurance; racing starts and turns perfected, competitions available. We are expanding the Silver class to be QNS new Pre-Team. Classes will be run by ability and age, this is the last step to master before joining the competitive team. 



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