WHAC Masters


Looking for a place to swim with coaches who focus on technique? Looking to get your heart rate up and burn off some calories. Whether you are just looking to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, or training for a specific competition, WHAC is the place for you. Come swim outdoors in the beautiful Austin weather year round (we heat the pool in the winter and use aerators to cool it in the summer). We have coaches who balance the need to get a good workout with reinforcing good stroke technique. It doesn’t matter if you are a recreational swimmer or a former college All-American, we have a lane for you. Remember, Masters is an age designation, not an ability level. It is coached swimming for those age 18 and over. Come join the fun.

We have approximately ten coaches cover 15 different workouts during the week. A few make a living off of coaching swimming and are very active in the club and high school swimming scene, as well as the triathlon scene. Others were former college swimmers who competed at a high level, and want to stay involved in the sport. It’s a fantastic mix of coaches, each complimenting each other to give our swimmers a set of great workouts.