Winter Memberships

Aqua Club Winter Memberships
Please be sure to complete the Aqua Club membership survey regarding Winter Programming. 

Aqua Club is able to operate the outdoor pool nearly year-round thanks to the heated pool system.


Interested in Future Winter Membership?
Winter membership are usually available for adult lap swimming. Winter Memberships run mid-September to mid-May, prices are a one time fee for all 8 months of the Winter season. 


Winter Dues (for Aqua Club Summer Members)

Single  $330 (includes state tax)

Family $525 (includes state tax)


Winter Dues (for Aqua Club Lesson Members, i.e. non-summer members)

Single  $550 (includes state tax)

Family  $880 (includes state tax)


*The Aqua Club fiscal year is Oct 1st to Sept. 30th. Even though the winter program starts a few weeks prior to October 1st, it belongs in the fiscal year starting October 1st. If a member sells their summer membership for the following summer, at any time, they would be considered a non-member winter swimmer, and would be subject to the non-member rate. If a family on the wait list joins the Aqua Club for the following summer, they would be considered a member for winter swimming, and would be eligible for a refund.