Winter Memberships

Winter Memberships

(September 9, 2019 - May 15, 2020


Love swimming laps outdoors?  Want to continue outdoor swimming through winter?  Become an Aqua Club winter member.  Below are the fees and schedule for winter time swimming.  The pool is heated, the locker rooms are heated and outdoor swimming on a cold winter's day is exhilarating.  Enjoy our facility year around!



Winter Membership fees:

(Note:Prices below are for a one time fee for all 8 months of the winter season.)


Winter Dues (for Aqua Club Summer Members)

Single  $330 (includes state tax)

Family $550 (includes state tax)

Click here to download summer member application.


Winter Dues (for Aqua Club Lesson Members, i.e. non-summer members)

Single  $550 (includes state tax)

Family  $880 (includes state tax)

Click here to download lesson (non-summer) member application.


Make checks payable to: Aqua Club, Inc. (no credit/debit cards)


Payments and applications can be mailed to:


Aqua Club

PO Box 82122

Kenmore, WA 98028


****The Aqua Club fiscal year is Oct 1st to Sept. 30th. Even though the winter program starts a few weeks prior to October 1st, it belongs in the fiscal year starting October 1st. If a member sells their summer membership for the following summer, at any time, they would be considered a non-member winter swimmer, and would be subject to the non-member rate. If a family on the wait list joins the Aqua Club for the following summer, they would be considered a member for winter swimming, and would be eligible for a refund.****


Winter Lap Swim Schedule (September 9, 2019 -- May 15, 2020):

(Note: Schedule may and will be adjusted during the holidays and for severe weather conditions)


Monday - Friday

6:00 - 8:00am   Lap Swim

Noon - 2:00pm Lap Swim

7:00 - 8:00pm   Lap Swim



10:00am - Noon   Lap Swim


Sunday (Open to both summer and winter members)

10:00am - Noon     Lap Swim (6 lanes)

Noon - 3:00pm    Open Family Swim (3 lanes family swim/3 lap swim lanes)


Winter Guest Policy:

Winter guests must be accompanied by a member at least 14 years of age.  Cost for guests is $10.   Notify the office at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to bring 5 or more guests to the pool.