Coach's Corner


welcome, twenty-twenty.

a new year. a new decade. new opportunities.

January 2020


January always comes with a fresh start. A time to reflect on where you are in working towards your goals, as well as setting new goals if you have achieved some. A time to begin breaking bad habits and making good. A time to change perspective and fill you mind with positivity.


For swimmers, achieving greatness in the water is not as simple as moving through the motions at practice and swim meets. Remaining focused on goals, making good habits at practice, and having the right mindset are pivotal for success in the pool.


Where are you in your journey to achieving the goals you have made for our short course season? Have you been building on good habits in the pool, whether it be consistently streamlining off of every wall or practicing good racing strategies at meets? Have you been going into practice and meets ready to work with a contagious positive attitude?


Swimmers, I challenge you to...

Set some new goals, or keep working towards them. Continue to break any bad habits, and continue building on good habits. Come to the pool every day with a positive attitude so contagious it rubs off onto your teammates.


As a team, DRD has had a phenomenal first half of our 2019-2020 short course season. We are growing, achieving, learning, and becoming a family. Myself along with the assistant coaches are so excited to see the second half of the season.


Let's keep up the momentum into this new year and new decade!


-Coach Kayla



raising the bar

to do, or to be something better than yourself or anyone before”


September 2019


Welcome, DRD, to our 2019-2020 short course season! After a successful 2018-2019 short course and long course season, I hope all of our swimmers and families have enjoyed their time off these last few weeks of summer.


The August break, for many clubs, swimmers, and coaches, provides an opportunity to refresh and gain new perspective. Both of these are vital to the start of a whole new season that is right around the corner.


The time off allows for reflection and thought, and also a time for swimmers to reward themselves of the hard work they put into the many months of practices and training. Swimming is one of toughest sports out there with one of the longest seasons. That is why swimmers are viewed with such high regard. The evenings put into practicing perfect technique, the time spent thinking of goals you would like to achieve, the weekends spent at meets… it is grueling both physically and mentally.


But when you see that time drop; that positive change in a stroke; that stroke drill mastered… it all becomes worth it.


Swimmers are easily at the top of the ‘toughness’ scale when compared to other athletes. The sport teaches you dedication, determination, focus, and perseverance. All skills you will carry throughout your life.


Let's not forget the friendships made in the pool. Your teammates are what help you get through a tough practice, they are there to cheer you on in a race, and they are there to go get a celebratory ice cream after a meet. Teammates are some of the most special friendships you will have.


A lot of good comes out of swimming. When you stop and have the time to finally think and reflect on the last 11 months, it is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction realizing how far you have grown as an athlete and as a person.


The reflection on the past also provides excitement towards the future; towards the new season: a time to begin thinking about new GOALS.


As we enter the beginning of this new short course season, take these first two weeks to really think about what you would like to achieve at practice and at a meet. The start of a new year is a great opportunity to set your sights on new goals by raising the bar.


As your head coach, I have many goals already written down for the season and I am extremely eager and excited to get things started.


Welcome back, Dolphins. Let's raise the bar!


-Coach Kayla