Coach's Corner

Welcome to the 2017-18 Season...

As we begin our fourth week of the season, I'd like to begin by saying that all of our groups have been working well ahead of our pace from this point in the season last year.  We have a fantastic group of returning swimmers who are working very hard and have gotten us off on the right track to success for the season.


The COACHES CORNER will be updated from time to time throughout the year.  In our first installment I wanted to have all the coaches explain how things have been going the first few weeks and to let parents know the direction each group is headed.


"So far in both Novice groups we have been working on the legalities of Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke; making sure that all the swimmers know the proper form and "rules" of each stroke. We've incorporated streamline exercises into our daily practices. 

Looking forward, as we get closer to the first meet, we plan on working on meet etiquette, including starts, turns, and how to swim their chosen events."

Coaches Julia & Nolan


"The group is adjusting from daily stroke lessons to conditioning training.  While applying techniques to focus on during sets, a goal is to run a 20-30 minute set without interruptions. Points we focus on in every stroke are turns and streamline. These will be goals going into the meets this seasons as turns are a crucial part of every race."

Coach Zack


"The Juniors and Seniors have been pushing the pedal to the metal from day one this year.  These groups have been working extremely hard and raising their level of conditioning, with particular regard to their leg strength since the season began.  Over the next few weeks we will continue the focus on increasing strength as well as adding more technical elements to fine tune the swimmers strokes to help them improve their meet performance.  As we get into the meet season we will also begin to discuss race strategy and other mental aspects of athletic performance.  Coach Danni and I are looking forward to seeing who will be the first to have a breakthrough this season and how many will follow once the meet season begins."

Coach Dirkse