Group M consists of experienced high school and college swimmers who have been accepted into the SWMKE program.  Younger swimmers can be accepted into Group M at the discretion of the head coach based on the individual’s training ability & commitment. Training includes weekly yoga sessions.

Group K consists of 8 -14 year old experienced competitive swimmers who have a high degree of proficiency in all strokes, turns and starts and can handle Group K’s training program. Emphasis is on introducing sophisticated training while consistently improving technique. Training includes weekly yoga sessions.

Group E consists of 14 & Under experienced swimmers who have a strong understanding of all strokes, turns and starts but are still in need of refinement in many of their fundamentals.  Teaching and training are equally emphasized. Training includes weekly yoga sessions.

Pre-Competitive Swim Classes consist of swimmers 14 & Under. No prior competitive swimming experience is necessary. Swimmers must be able to complete 25 yards (one length of the pool) of freestyle and/or backstroke. The ability to swim butterfly and breaststroke is not required. Our pre-competitive swim classes are designed to introduce the athlete to the sport. The emphasis will be teaching and refining all four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke), starts and turns. These classes have a relatively low commitment of twice per week, and take place during six week chunks throughout the year.


Groups M & K:  Training fins, paddles, kickboard, pull-buoy, water bottle, mesh equipment bag and yoga mat.  Snorkels are optional.

Group E:  Fins, kickboard, yoga mat and water bottle.  A mesh equipment bag is recommended but optional.

Pre-Competitive Swim Classes:  Fins, cap, goggles, and training fins


Swimmers must compete in a solid black competitive suit (any brand) and a solid white cap in all meets. Team attire or team colors (black/grey) must be worn on the pool deck at all meets.