What do you need to know to be the Best Swim Parent you can be to your swimmer(s)?

Where should you start?

10 Commandments of Swim Parenting

I. Thou shall not impose thy ambitions on thy child.
II. Thou shall be supportive no matter what.
III. Thou shall not coach thy child.
IV. Thou shall only have positive things to say at a competition.
V. Thou shall acknowledge thy child's fears.
VI. Thou shall not criticize the officials.
VII. Thou shall honor thy child's coach.
VIII. Thou shall be loyal and supportive of thy team.
IX. Thy child shall have goals besides winning.
X. Thou shall not expect thy child to become an Olympian.

Safe Sport

  • USA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all of its members.  For that reason, we have in place a detailed Code of Conduct.  Safe Sport also provides policies, education, a reporting structure, and tools that are intended to serve our members as we work together to maintain this environment. Click here to visit the USA Swimming Safe Sport page.