Our Staff

Meet Our TEMPO Aquatics Staff

Patti Rothwell - Founder / Owner

Patti  began her coaching career at age 17,  with her age-group team Lake  Forest Swim Club, in Illinois.  Before  that, she swam for  North York Aquatic Club, in her native Canada.

Patti came to Almaden Swim &  Racquet Club, San Jose, CA in 1981, following   her   graduation  from  Northwestern  University,  Evanston, Illinois,  where   she   attended   as   the   first   woman  swimmer   on scholarship.  There, she  earned  her Bachelor  of  Science  Degree in  Education, and  qualified   for   the  NCAA  swimming  championships in  all  of  her  4  years  at Northwestern.

As  an   Age-group  swimmer,  Patti  established  numerous  National Records  in  both  backstroke  and  butterfly.   As  a  Senior  swimmer, (and a Canadian), Patti placed  3rd  in the  200  meter Freestyle at the 1966  British  Empire  Games Trials, and earned the bronze medal in the 100 meter butterfly at the 1968 Olympic Games Trials.

In  her  30+  years  of  coaching, Patti has overseen all age  levels and abilities.  Her  focus  is  educating the swimmers in technique, strategy, training  goals, competition and independence.  Creativity  in practices is often a goal as well.

Patti underwent a double hip replacement in the fall of 2017, and then back surgery in the fall of 2018, so she has missed out on much of TEMPO’s adventures recently. Thanks to Coach Caitlin Matts, the program continued on seamlessly. Patti returned to the pool deck at the beginning of   2019.

Patti  and  Ben  Bethune  conspired  to  develop  the TEMPO Aquatics  program in 2009, with the help of Pauline Wilson.

Patti resides with 2 cats, Stanford and Stella, and really likes gardening, especially roses, when Stanford and Stella do not chew them up!


Kim Haskell - Bookkeeper 

Kim is the person behind the scenes helping with TEMPO's finances: sending out invoices, collecting payments, preparing payroll, and paying bills.

Kim has been in the bookkeeping and payroll business for over 30 years and has been a business owner since 1987. She loves helping businesses that she believes in, with  their visions and purpose, and TEMPO  is very near and dear to her heart. Kim and her brothers swam competitively through high school and her own daughter swam on Belwood 10 years ago!

We couldn't survive without Kim.  Please be nice to her!


Caitlin V. Matts -  HEAD Coach

Coach Caitlin Matts is a GRADUATE of Santa Clara University, Class of 2019, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology.   She has been a  member/coach of TEMPO Aquatics since 2009! Caitlin has enjoyed TEMPO  due  to  the  friendship and support  she has experienced, and   now she is part of the reason that TEMPO is so identified.

Caitlin  is  the Head  Coach for TEMPO, due to Patti's numerous medical issues.  She has organized and overseen all groups, directed the TEMPO lifeguard squad, while continuing to supervise her  White Group. where she is  responsible  for the development of  our youngest swimmers  

Caitlin  spent  several  summers  as  a  member of the coaching staff  at  Montevideo Cabana  Club. Her primary   duties   involved  coaching   all  age  groups,  ( primarily  in  stroke technique ),  monitoring times and performance at swim  meets, writing  and presenting speeches and trophies  for the swimmers at the end of the year awards ceremony.

She began her competitive swimming career at age 5 with the Montevideo Piranhas, and has participated in “year ‘round” swimming with DeAnza-Cupertino Aquatics, (DACA), Almaden Swim & Racquet Club, (ALMA),  (where she first met Coach Patti) and, of course, TEMPO. She also swam as a member of the varsity  swim team at Leigh High School for 3 of her 4 years.  

Caitlin is now preparing for entry into SJSU's Occupational Therapy program.  

Caitlin is a master of all!