Practice Times

TRYOUTS FOR NEW MEMBERS TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY, MAY 21 AT HCCC. We will hold tryouts along side our regular practice to help include and introduce new stingrays to their fellow teammates. 

Before School Ends  - afternoon practices (first practice Tuesday, May 21):




8 & Under


9 & Up


T - Fr

4:15 - 5:00 pm

5:00 - 6:00 pm




Season Morning Practices (T-F starting Tuesday, June 4th):



11 & Up

 9 - 10

8 & Under

T - F

8 - 9am

9 - 10 am

10- 10:45 am


Regular Season Afternoon Make-Up Practice is on Tuesday and Thursday from 3- 4pm. 

The pool is open to team swimmers ONLY during morning practices and meets. No one is allowed in any pool during these times unless practicing. During meets no one is allowed in the pool unless they are swimming in their event.