Q : When does the season start?

A;  Our practices will start Monday, October 2nd

Q:  When does the season end?

A:  The end of the season will depend on the advancement of each swimmer.  The latest it can end for a swimmer is the first week of April, and that is if a swimmer makes it to Nationals.  The earliest it can end for a swimmer is at championships, which is held the middle of February.  If a swimmer qualifies for districts then they have the opportunity to compete at states.  All dates for these events are in the calendar section of this site.

Q:  How do we register for the team?

A:  A form can be downloaded from this site in "Documents".  New swimmers will have to be entered into the system, and previous swimmers will be able to log in and simply update their information.

Q:  Are there any swimmer/parents meetings to attend?

Yes....there is an annual Mandatory Swimmer/Parent meeting held at the pool.  It is required but fun.  It is important to get information to all our parents and swimmers.  It is also important to meet each other.  There are lots pf prizes given away at this meeting as well as good, useful information to start off the season.  Roll will be taken, the meeting will be short, you will meet all the coaches, the booster officers, and then the meeting will be topped off with some open swim time for the swimmers.

This year the meeting will be held Monday, October 9th at 5:30PM, in the high school cafeteria.

Q:  What are the days and times of practices?

A:  We will hold practices Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Practice times for 9 and under start at 5:30PM, older swimmers will start at 6:00 until 7:30PM.  

Q:  Does my swimmer have to attend a certain practice?

A:  No, we do not assign any specific night.

Q;  Are all practices mandatory?

 A:  Attendance will be taken and there is a minimum number of nights the swimmers are required to attend, and it depends on age groups.  Ages 9 and under are required at least 2 nights a week.  Ages 10 and up must attend at least 3 nights a week.  The coaches do recommend that the swimmers attend as many practices as possible,  The more practice, the better results the swimmer will have at competitions.

Q:  Are there specific age groups on the team?

A:  Yes and no.  Swim meets are age group specific; however our practice groups are based on ability.

Q:  How old does my child need to be to be on the team?

A:  4-5 and able to swim one length of freestyle, is generally the earliest we would recommend joining the team.

Q:  Does my swimmer need to be proficient in all four strokes to be on the team?

A:  No; our team coaches are always working to improve confidence and stroke proficiency.

Q;  What equipment is required?

A:  All girls are required to wear a swim cap.  We strongly recommend goggles.  You will have the option to order a team suit, we will have a try on kit and you will be notified as to which nights the suits are available to try them on and to order a suit.  For practice girls must wear a one piece suit, no bikini's are allowed.

Q:  Where do we purchase team equipment?

A:  We will have a couple dedicated nights to try on and order your team suit.  A team clothing sale order form will be posted if you wish to purchase clothing with the team logo on them.  We will plan the sale so that the items are back in time for Christmas.

Q:  How many swim meets are there?

A:  We swim in the CENKEY Swim League and teh Western PA YMCA District.  We will swim about 7 or 8 (equal number at home as well as away) dual/tri/quad league meets, one League Championship meet (for all swimmers), and then the extended season will consist of  Districts (you must beat a qualifying time in order to compete at districts), and Nationals (you must beat a national qualifying time in order to compete at nationals)

Q:  Where do I find out what the district and national qualifying times are?
A:  They are posted on the web page.  Please refer to them, as it is fun for the swimmers to have a goal to shoot for.  The times are listed by age groups and events for Districts and for Nationals they are strictly listed by events.

Q:  Where are the swim meets held?

A:  Our home meets will be heald at the St Marys Area High School Pool.  Away league meets can be found by selecting the "Pool Locations" link on our website.

Q:  Are we required to swim in meets?

A:  We expect that our swimmers participate in all league meets and all Championship meets in which they have qualified for.  The swimmer gets an individual times, but their swims are counted as points for the team.  If you must cancel going to a meet you can let us know by using Parent-On Deck AP, or by contacting Coach via text, or phone call.

Q:  How do we find out if practices or meets have been postponed or canceled due to weather?

A:  If school or after school activities are canceled due to weather, we too must cancel.  You will be contacted via email and cellular text.  So please provide the "best" numbers and email addressed so that we can communicate with you.  Please if you are unsure do not just drop your swimmer off without checking to make sure if there is practice or not.

Q:  Are there extra fees for meets?

A:  No and Yes.  There are no additional fees for league meets, however any pre-season invitationals and end of the season championship meets are an additional fee.  We will post the fees with the announcement of the meets so you will know ahead of time what the costs are.

Q:  What are the days and times of the meets?

A:  Meets are held on Saturdays with the warm up times of 8:00AM for a home meet and an 8:30AM warm up time at an away meet.  There may be a meet when we travel farther, that starts at 1:00PM which would make our warm up time 12:30.  We will post the meet schedule in the next week or two so you will know if that should occur.  Championships, district and states have multiple days for those meets.  Each age group is assigned a meet day and time.  That schedule will be posted also.

Q:  How long do the meets last?

A;  Meet usually last about 3 hours.  It is a shorter time if we are only swimming against one team, but a tri or quad meet may last a little longer.  It truly depends on the number of swimmers attending the meets.

Q;  Do we have to stay for the entire meet?

A:  Yes. The meet is usually ended with the freestyle relay, and more that likely your swimmer will be swimming relays,  It is important to be a team, that includes cheering for your team mates, parents stay to volunteer to help run the meets, and also in the event of injury or illness your swimmer may be needed to substitute into a relay.  if you must leave a meet early for a good reason, please contact your head coach.

Q:  Do the swimmers get ribbons at the meet?

A:  Yes and no.  There are no awards given for the league meets, however awards are presented at pre-season invitationals and during the end of the season championship meets.

Q:  Do we get to choose what events our children swim?

A:  No, however we will periodically discuss event options with swimmers.  We will make sure all swimmers have the chance to swim all strokes during the course of the season.

Q:  How will I know what events my child will swim?

A:  We will post events the evening or morning before each meet.

Q:  Is there a mandatory volunteer committee?

A:  Yes.  each family is required to work at least 2 meets during the season.  PLUS all families will be asked to bring concession stand items in order to raise money for our team.

Q:  How do we sign up to volunteer?

A;  Volunteer sign-up is done through the "Event" section on our website.  you can volunteer for any meet at any time once your team registration fee has been received and approved.  There are a variety of jobs to choose from.  Definitions for these positions can also be found through the "EVENTS" section on our website.  Volunteers should check in with the volunteer coordinator upon arriving at the meet.  You should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the meet. 

Q:  Is there a fundraiser for the team?

A:  There are a couple things done as fundraisers for our team.  At home meets we will have a concession stand.  The person in charge of the concession stand will post what they are looking for from the team families as far as food, drinks, and supplies go for the concession stand.  From time to time there are events held to help raise money for our team. It may be a basket raffle, 50/50's, or another type of event.  The fundraisers will be posted as well as a request for volunteers to help with the fundraisers if needed.

Q:  What are the team registration fees?

$140 or $40/month for single family member (non SMAHS Swim Team Member)

$280 or $80/month for each additional family member (non SMAHS Swim Team Member)

$50 or $15/month for each additional family member (non SMAHS Swim Team Member)

$65 or $18.75/month for SMAHS Swim Team Member

NOTES: With the exception of SMAHS Swim Team Members, fees will be reduced $40 or $10/month per family with proof of YMCA Membership.

Monthly payments will be due by the 15th of each month (Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan)