Welcome to the greatest sport there is! By joining our swim team, your child gets so much more than just exercise. They get to be a part of a community of 400,000 dedicated beginners, competitors and Olympic swimmers who all share the same passion.

Education.  Motivation.  Confidence.

It’s all just the beginning. Once children begin swimming on a team, they see benefits of the sport that they never realized before. We want to spread that message and make sure all parents know just how great the sport of swimming can be. Swimming:

  • Allows kids see quick improvement compared to other sports
  • Builds self-confidence, self-esteem and focus
  • Teaches time management and organization
  • Helps kids learn how to compete, win and lose gracefully
  • Creates an exercise for life
  • Swimming is more fun, healthy, social, cool, and easier to learn than parents and kids ever imagined

Get your child started today in a sport they can enjoy for their whole life!


When Are My Kids Ready for Team Swimming?

A swim team can be one of the greatest sources of exercise, camaraderie and fun. But it’s important for kids to be physically ready in order for them to have the best experience. Before signing up for a team, make sure you can answer yes to the items on the following checklist:

  • Has your child completed the highest level of their learn-to-swim program?
  • Is your child at ease and able to swim in deep water for extended periods of time?
  • Can he or she swim at least one length of the pool (25 yards) using side-breathing freestyle?



Questions to Ask When Choosing a Club

USA Swimming suggests you should look for a competitive swimming program that will provide a motivating practice environment, focus on developing strong fundamentals and embrace the long-term development of the child. Typically, good novice coaches teach all four strokes in preparation for a wide range of events. Metro's Novice Coaches do!

  1. Ask for references from the parents of other swim team members.
  2. Visit the facility with your child and observe a swim practice.
  3. Ask about the team’s mission statement and program philosophy regarding young swimmers.
  4. What are the attendance expectations? How many practices per week are recommended?
  5. When does the swim season start and conclude?
  6. Who will coach my child? What is their background, training and experience?
  7. What is the cost? Registration fee? Monthly dues? Swim meet expenses?
  8. What is expected of parents of new team members?
  9. Will my child participate in swim meets? How often? Any travel necessary?
  10. How do I register my child for the swim team?


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