Adult Swimming for Health, Fitness and Competition 


Why Swim Florida Masters?

  • The health benefits of swimming are undisputable. Swim Florida Masters recognizes these benefits and we provide our swimmers with structured training in a fun, social and competitive environment for all levels. Our swimmers range in ability from beginners who are just getting into the sport of swimming and are looking to improve their health to advanced level athletes who have completed Ironman races, swam the English Channel and so much more!


Workout Times:


Requirements To Swim:

  • Option 1 - Join the Swim Florida Masters group (click here)
    • ​Currently No Registration Fee
    • Monthly Cost is only $45
    • Benefits include access to all Swim Florida Masters training sessions PLUS access to the City of Fort Myers Aquatic Center during normal operating hours.  
    • For insurance purposes Swim Florida Masters Members require: 
  • ​Option 2 - Take Advantage of the Drop-In Program


One-on-One Personal Coaching: 

  • For those new to swimming, or those desiring to take their stroke to the next level, several of our coaching staff offers private lessons for an additional fee. Training is arranged directly with the desired coach, and sessions generally run 30 to 60 minutes. These can be weekly sessions, once- every-so-often, or once-in-a-lifetime. Reach out to your coach for more information.