SCRIP is our year-round fundraiser that we encourage families to participate in. Rather than sell wrapping paper, cookie dough, or other trinkets, we offer gift cards from hundreds of local and national retailers. Each retailer gives back a set percentage to our team that we split 50/50 with families that participate in the program. The club uses their portion for equipment needs for our team. Families can use their portion of the rebate in three ways: 1) as a credit on their swim account, 2) donate it back to the team's equipment fund, or 3) receive a rebate check at the end of the SCRIP period. Each family decides how to receive their rebate. Our SCRIP program is open to all families of past, present, and future Sharks; as well as their friends and families! There are no fees to participate. The club pays for all shipping costs when we place a team order. Egift cards can be purchased at any time from our supplier, Great Lakes Scrip, online and on your Smart Phone. You can also order physical gift cards when the team places an order or you may purchase gift cards from our team's inventory we keep on hand.



If a family spends $300/month at Martin's Supermarket (4%), the rebate would be $12. Your family keeps $6 and the swim club keeps $6. It may not seem like much, but rebates add up QUICKLY! Add in your monthly gasoline expenses and your rebate grows! If you spend $200/month on gasoline and use Family Express or Speedway gift cards (4% rebate each), you have earned another $4 for our team and $4 for your family! (There are other local gas stations and grocery stores that participate in SCRIP, these are only some examples) Now your family's rebate is up to $10 for one month and the team has also earned $10. The current accumulation period runs though the end of March 2018. That is 7 full months. Multiply your $10/month rebate by 7 months, and your family's rebate is up to $70 and you have also earned $70 for our club! Factor in other gift cards you may purchase for dining out, gift cards for birthdays, graduation gifts, or gift cards just to say Thank You, and your rebate continues to grow! YES, we keep track of every single card we sell and apply to each family's SCRIP rebate account. We try to email a rebate status on a monthly basis to keep families updated on their rebate amounts accumulated to date.


Our next SCRIP order will be due Thursday October 12th by the end of practice. The orders should be delivered on Monday October 16th. If you would like to place a SCRIP order, either send me an email or stop by pool. Payments are due when you place your orders.If your Shark is not currently swimming, we are happy to arrange for pick-up/delivery of your SCRIP orders and payments



If you miss our order date or need SCRIP last minute, we keep a wide variety of gift cards on hand in our team's SCRIP box.These cards are available to purchase on a first come, first serve basis. We try to have the box at practice every evening and at most of our meets. Feel free to call, text, or email me if you would like to purchase cards out of our team's SCRIP box. Again, if your Shark is not currently swimming, we are happy to arrange for you to get your order. And yes...your family will receive the rebate credit from all cards purchased out of our inventory! We currently have the following cards available:


Bob Evans (10%) 1 - $10

Burger King (4%)  2 - $10  

Cabela's (11%) 6 - $25

Christo's (15%) 4 - $10 

CVS (6%) 1 - $25

Family Express (4%) 2 - $25

Family Video (12%) 1 - $10

iTunes (5%)  1 - $25 

Martin's (4%) 1 - $50

McDonald's (6%) 1 - $10

Pizza Hut (8%) 2 - $10

Shell (2%) 1 - $25 

Speedway (4%) 1 - $25

Starbucks (7%) 1 - $5 and 1-$10

Subway (6%) 1 - $10 

Walmart (2.5%) 2 - $25

Wendy's (4%) 2 - $10




A HUGE welcome to our first local SCRIP retailer! Christo's gift cards will be available in our SCRIP box all the time. We will carry $10 cards that are redeemable at any Christo's location. Christo's offers a 15% rebate on their gift cards. Other denominations of gift cards are available for purchase by special order. See me if you need to order Christo's gift cards in increments of something other than $10.

 THANK YOU, CHRISTO'S!!  Please keep them in mind and support our local restaurants when dining out!


Specials Through Great Lakes Scrip


This is the link for current and upcoming special offers from Great Lakes Scrip:


If you have questions on orders, rebates, or if you are ready to get started with SCRIP email me today! 

-Lisa Richards

PAC SCRIP Coordinator



  Kroger Community Rewards Program - NEW ENROLLMENT

Our club has been accepted into the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Anyone that has a Kroger Plus card is eligible to register online. Each time you use your registered Kroger Plus Card, our club receives a rebate!

To register your Kroger Plus Card, follow this link:  Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy!

  • Returning Kroger customers can sign in to your account, new customers will need to create an account.
  • Once you are on the Community Rewards page, click on 'Enroll Now'
  • Our organization's number is: 23642 (Plymouth Aquatics Club)
  • Once you are linked you will start earning rewards for our team immediately!

Questions on the program? Here are the Frequently Asked Questions provided by Kroger:

If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card, they are available for free at the Customer Service Desk at any Kroger store.

With respect to privacy: Kroger does not share the names or personal information of anyone that participates in this program. We will get a total number or participants at the end of each quarter, but no further information on any customers, what they buy, or how they pay.

This program is open to ANYONE, so please pass this information along to ALL of your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors! This is an excellent way to support our club!



---------------------------------------------Older (but still important!) SCRIP News------------------------------------------------

Just a tip: If you use a Walmart gift card to purchase gas at a Walmart fuel center, you automatically receive 3 cents off every gallon! This includes physical cards or purchasing ScripNow! on your smartphone. SCRIPNOW! can be used to prepay at the pump. See a fuel center cashier for details if you are using SCRIPNOW!

Keep in  mind when you are paying your monthly bills, you can use Lowe's gift cards and Kohl's gift cards to pay on your credit card account. YES! You can use SCRIP to pay your bills!! You need to visit these stores and make a payment in person with your gift cards. If you have questions, just ask!

Prepaid Discover, Visa, and American Express cards are also available through our program. These cards can be used anywhere the credit cards are accepted. YES! You can use these cards to pay bills as well! If you use a credit card for your medical bills, cable/internet, cell phone, orthodontist/dentist, or any other payments, you can use these prepaid cards and earn SCRIP credit. There are no fees to purchase or activate these cards. They are also good to use at any store that we can't currently get SCRIP for (ex: Dollar Tree, Costco, local Restaurants, etc).

YES! Your family WILL receive credit for cards purchased from the team inventory as well as any eGift cards purchased through Great Lakes Scrip website or your MyScripWallet.

Reloads are a quick and convenient option. If you haven't tried this feature and want to know more, here is the link:


**SCRIP Program Highlights:


**New to SCRIP? Here is a link that gives a brief overview of the program:

**This is the link to our order form. If you are not registered online yet or not sure how to place an online order, just print an order form and turn it in with your payment. We also have extra order forms available in the SCRIP pouch. We are happy to help with orders!


**When you are ready to enroll online, you will need our group code to add Plymouth Aquatics Club as your organization. You will need to contact me for this code. For security reasons, we cannot post it online. My email address is:

**The link to the Great Lakes Scrip website: 

**If you are still not sure what to order, here are some popular cards for our area: Speedway, Family Express, Shell, Wal Mart, Applebee's,, prepaid Discover and prepaid American Express cards, Panera Bread, Starbucks, CVS, Walgreens. (there are NO FEES associated with the prepaid Discover, Visa, or AMEX cards)

**ALL ORDERS MUST BE PREPAID BY CASH OR CHECK! Make checks payable to: PLYMOUTH AQUATICS CLUB or PAC. Please write SCRIP in the memo.

**Why register on the Great Lakes Scrip website? This allows families the option to order online and/or on your Smart Phones. Rebates earned though online and Smart Phone orders are credited to each family immediately! This is a great way for family and friends that live in other cities or states to help support your swimmer and our club! Here is the link that walks you through the registration process:

**Questions on PrestoPay? Here are two helpful links:

When enrolling in PrestoPay, you will need to agree to the terms. This includes an acknowledgement that if your ACH Payment is rejected, there are associated additional fees.

**Each family that purchases SCRIP will need to sign a SCRIP agreement. Print and sign the agreement and return to Lisa or Mary. The SCRIP agreement will tell us how you choose to receive your rebate! If you have questions or have a unique family situation, please contact me and we will do our best to accommodate your request!