Who can I talk to for more information if I need more information than what is listed here?

Please contact Amber at MN Recreation.  Her phone number is (610)353-2326.

Is this a good fit for my swimmer?

SEE the information for each age group under the "Training Times/Groups".  If you are new to the team, an evaluation with Coach Tim will help you get confidence in placement.

How do I register?

You can print the registration form and send to Marple Newtown Recreation.  Or, deliver it in person to the office on the corner of Media Line Road and West Chester Pike.  There is also an online payment link available when registration is open.

SEE "About/Join" for the registration form as well as the online payment link.

Where is Practice?

Practice is held at the Marple-Newtown High School.  Pull in the right side and see the doors are the first on the left.  Park in the back and come up.  Cars are not permitted to park on the side.  Take the first hallway on your right and the pool is at the end of the hallway.

What time is Practice?  What are Attendance Expectations?

See information under "Training Groups/Times".

What Equipment is Needed?

  • SEE "Training Times/Groups" for equipment needed for practice.  SEE "Shop" for the suggested pieces.
  • Team Meet Suit is the same as last year.  Please have for competitions.  Practice suits may vary for each swimmer during practices.
  • One team t-shirt will be given to each swimmer.  They are available for purchase for others at $15.
  • 2 Triton Latex Swim Caps are due to each swimmer.  1 will be distributed and 1 will be held as a backup.  Personalized Silicone caps are avaialble for purchase throughout the season.

Where is the Handbook?

SEE the Handbook heading under "About/Join".

What Events should my swimmer be registered for? 

For USA Swimming meets, try to register your swimmer for as many events as they are available and eligible to swim.  This will keep your swimmer to stay busy at the meet and not sitting idly while waiting. 

How do I pay for USA Swimming Meets and Events?

Each swimmer will start with a Meet Account with meet fees deposited based on Training Group.  Meet fees are due to Coach Tim or Coach Dave upon registration for the meet.  Whether your swimmer swims or not, the payment is made to the meet host.  It is not refundable once the meet registration is submitted.  Cash is preferred or a check made payable to “MN Recreation”.

What are USA Swimming Meets?

Meets are sanctioned by the USA Swimming’s Local Swimming Committee; for us it is the Mid-Atlantic Swimming LSC.  Official times are utilized to qualify for Mid-Atlantic Championship Meets and USA Swimming National Meets while maintained in the USA Swimming Database.

What does an Open Event mean? 

Open Events are events available to all swimmers at the meet regardless of age.  They are recommended for swimmers ages 13 and over.

What are Mini Meets?

Mini Meets for swimmers ages 8 and under.  Events are usually broken into age categories of 6 and under, 7 year olds, and 8 year olds.

Where is the Meet Schedule?

This year we have listed all of the events under "Events".