A Swim-A-Thon exemplifies what our team is all about, SWIMMING!  This year our goal is to reach $7,000.  With your help, we CAN do it!  This is an important fundraiser for the team and an event the kids look forward to each year!  Check this page for tips on how to utilize the online system to fundraise, reach potential donors, and make the most of the tools available for you!


SWIM-A-THON DOWNLOADS:  Donation Letters | Swim Team Incentives (coming soon) | Tax ReceiptUSA Swim Incentives 

Swim-A-Thon:  A Swim-A-Thon is a USA Swimming sponsored fundraiser in which participants earn money for their team and USA Swimming Foundations (5%) by swimming lengths of the pool.  Swimmers have a maximum of two hours to swim as many laps as possible (up to 200 laps).  The swim-a-thon is geared for swimmers of all ages.  Don't worry if you can't swim all 200 laps......just do your best!

Getting Started:  Read and follow the directions on the launch email.  You can write a customized message to potential donors, upload pictures, and use the Swim-A-Thon website to send requests for donations through email and Facebook ("Promote" tab).  Sharing donation information through email and Facebook on the "Promote" tab will provide donors with a special link directly to your donation page.  Swimmers and families will also be able to see who has donated money to them, and even track external donations through the web site.  For a complete review of your customizing options, watch the help attached to the launch email by clicking on the red video button.

Pledges:  We encourage your swimmer to ask relatives, friends, and close neighbors for their support.  In addition to sending a donation request by email, you can send a personalized letter to family & friends.  Create your own letter, or use the sample letter we've provided.  To make the collection process easier, we will only be accepting a flat donation pledge.  

Payment options:  Your sponsors can pay online with a credit card (a $3.95 processing fee will be added to their donation) OR they can send either cash or a check (made payable to NRATS).  If you receive any “offline donations” (cash or check) you MUST post them to your donation page.  To enter these donations, go to the Swim-A-Thon website and select the “Add Offline Donor” button. Be sure to select your name to credit the donation.  Follow the instructions to add the donation and be sure to click “Donate Now” at the bottom of the page.  Your donation will be included in the team/swimmer totals and will be approved when the donation is turned in at the Swim-a-thon.  There is no fee for adding an offline donation.

We will again be offering incentives to our swimmers, based on the dollar amount raised.  USA Swim is also offering incentives for swimmers!  Check out our incentive downloads for a complete list of items available.

Please have your swimmer(s) send a thank you note to your sponsor ASAP.  As a suggestion, personalize your thank you notes and include a photo of your swimmer(s) during the swim-a-thon or around the pool at a swim meet.

Please join us after the swim-a-thon for food and fun!  We will be raffling numerous items, along with a few prize drawings for our swimmers.  

Swim Team Apparel and Sponsors