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October 2018 Group Meetings - INFO 

Parent meeting

Check Calendars for any changes to schedules.

Seniors all need a snorkel (morning swimmers) -these have been ordered and will be charged to your account. 
Meets -
Kamloops Dist -Sr team event - Friday night / Sat swim.  Kamloops Jamboree for all competitive swimmers 
PG meet - end of fall break 
Swimming as usual fall break

Fun meet - Dec 9 for all Super Nov and Juniors - Senior kids will run

Kamloops - Dec 14-16... which is where we want to showcase our training.
Small camp last week of December 

Fundraising - ORN - Dec 1 and 7 and New years. $50/ $50 / $75 credit

Christmas trees - End of Nov. 

Contact me - BY email please rather than text...unless urgent


Nov 12 Email info -

Hi all – welcome back after the fall break. No swimming on Saturday Nov. 19th  –we will have a workout Friday night for those not attending the Prince George meet.

Kamloops Meet  - I need numbers immediately for this meet –so if you are planning to attend please sign up NOW. We can choose events in the next few weeks, but I just need all who are attending to click – YES commit / attend meet.

Reminder Operation Red nose info is up and Criminal record checks must be done ASAP if you are working any night.

Christmas tree preliminary info is up – the first few shift for sign up are also up. The very first shift Nov 25th (2 people) are for setting up the fence and general set up. If you do sign up – and at the last minute cannot attend- you need to fill the spot unless there is at least 5 days prior to the shift.

There will be 3 extra shifts called “weekend tree supervisor” – for the 3 weekends of Dec 1-4 and Dec 8-11, and Dec 15-18. This will be for a person to be on call if something is needed and cash collection so that the same people don’t have to look after it all the time. It would require a few stops by the area to make sure all is good.

Prince George meet  - entries are in – look a your account to see your events. Reminder about all relays – not always can we put everyone on relays and they are usually decided day of the meet with preference given to the swimmers in higher groups and regular attendance.

Start time is FRIDAY – 4:10pm on deck ! 10 and under on Deck 4:30pm

Saturday 11 and over - 7:40am 10 and under 8:10am, 

Sunday 11 and over 7:15am  -10 and unders7:45am.


Parent Meeting Information  - October 2016. 

Fundraising events - Christmas tree selling in late November and Dec, and Operation Red nose. These can be participated in and receive direct $$$ credit to your Blue Fins account.
Novice and Super Swimmers will be working towards a fun intro swim meet on Dec 4, sign up will be online about 2-3 weeks prior.
Competitive swimmers  - Big meet we are working towards is Dec 9-11 in Kamloops, this is the one we are perfecting our skills towards to swim well at and see our hard work pay off. Other meets are listed in the SWIM MEET DATES tab. 
First meet is up and posted - Distance meet and Jamboree in Kamloops  -sign up now. Info is on the site within each of the meets section. 


WLBF Board Highlights – January 2016

Happy New Year to our swimming families!  I assume that the holiday break was well-enjoyed and deserved by all!

The Board has been continuing to work on donation and funding projects to assist with fee burdens and in keeping swim costs as low as possible.  One key funding source is the generosity of our local businesses and companies.  Without local support and partnership, our club costs would be unbearable for families.

The Board will be launching a Corporate Donation campaign in the next few weeks that basically solicits local companies, businesses, clubs and associations in our community to support our swim club.  What we need is help to create a donor list – complete with name of business/agency, contact name, agency address, number and email.  Once we create this list, we will be sending our letters of support.  Three areas for donation needs are:  equipment, supplies and capital; events and activities (including meets); and swimming sponsorships to assist families/swimmers experiencing financial hardship.

Stay tuned for more information on these donation launches.  If you want to assist in soliciting a local company and/or if you have information on a local business, please email us!


The Board is ready to implement an email invoicing system.  In the next couple of weeks, you will be receiving an email with your account summary and status.  This should help families to be aware of their account status and encourage the elimination of accumulated arrears.  In order to help the club reduce deficits and maintain healthy accounts, we have drafted a policy to address members who are ‘not in good standing’.  The intention of this policy is to communicate and mitigate issues of account deficit and protect the club from allowing swimmers in the pool when they have not maintained registration agreements.  The Board does not expect this policy to affect many if any members once our invoicing system is applied and members have a clear and transparent process of being notified of account deficits.  Note that a process for payment planning is also an option for members. (Go to the website for more info on this policy and others under a new club tab).

We have sadly lost our Secretary on the Board!  We have thanked Mandie Furey for her time and expertise on our Board this season.  A huge thank you to Amanda Langford for stepping in and taking on this role!

Respectfully submitted,

WLBF Board of Directors



 This is periodic updates from the Blue Fins Board of Directors as to what is happening behind the scenes. 

Posted Nov. 25th. 

Hello everyone.  Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s almost December already!  Session one is almost over and the Board have been hard at work learning their roles and gaining some insight on club processes.  We thought it would be a good opportunity to develop a communication tool to connect with members and let you know what we are up to!

September was a whirlwind of learning, connecting and sharing.  The board has spent many hours reviewing past procedures and discussing how to best proceed to enhance our clubs processes and efficiency.  We have been moving forward in our planning, consistent to our approved budget.  One key initiative and goal for the Board has been to tighten up invoicing and accounting processes so that we know where WE stand financially in order to let you know where YOU stand.

Moving forward, we have decided to continue to place account invoice and summaries into the club filing box which will be put out onto a round table at various swim practices during the week.  Other items that you may find in this box include ribbons from swim meets, information memos or other club communications.  Families who have outstanding account balances will also get an email during the session to remind them of their dues requiring payment. The Board will be finalizing a policy on late dues at our next meeting, but the goal is to initiate a clear process for communicating and mitigating account imbalances.  Families with outstanding dues will not be invited to continue into future swim sessions until these dues are paid and/or a payment plan is set up with the Treasurer.  A secure drop box for fees will be installed into the office for safe and easy payment access.

At our October meeting, the Board initiated Assistant Coach Contracts.  All coaches now employed by the club require a contract outlining salary and understanding by both parties of the partnership obligation.  The Board defers to the experience and knowledge of the Head Coach to recommend assistant coach appointments and he is certainly responsible for mentoring/guiding coaches on duties, schedules, and other skill-related issues. 

We have also made head-way towards processes that will offer families financial options for part-time swimming, multiple children registrants, and fundraising reimbursements.  Work on the first two items is still in progress; however, the latter was discussed at length for session one fundraising.  As you will note, an incentive for fundraising during Christmas tree selling and Operation Red Nose is underway.  Plans for session two and three will include ONE event per session with the idea of maximizing the fundraiser for the most revenue.  Session two fundraiser will be a raffle – still to be determined – and session three will be a Pub Night.

We are planning to send out “Board Highlights” to the membership monthly to keep you all informed.  These highlights will also be posted on the website for easy review and retrieval.  Should you have any questions, comments or feedback for the Board, you can email through the website and Coach will forward to the appropriate person!

Respectfully submitted,

WLBF Board of Directors