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Please REMEMBER the Heat Sheet does not reflect the flighting. Please see highlighted area below to help you figure out A and B Flights.
*  Meet Will Be Flighted
   A- Flight
    50's - All Heats
    100's - 12 Heats
    200's - 6 Heats
    400's - 4 Heats
   B-  Flight all remaining heats
*  Finals: Finals events will be swum in the following order A-Final, B-Final, C, Final, D Final.
          A-Finalist will be paraded.
          B-Finalist will be announced behind the blocks
          C-Finalist will be announced in the water. (18 & under Heat)
          D-Finalist will be announced in the water. (18 & under Heat)
Friday, March 11, 8:00 a.m. Hospitality Room Upstairs Room 2. Any Changes to the conduct of the meet will be announced at this meeting. It is the responsibility of each swimmer and coach to be aware of any changes made during this meeting.


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Meet Information


Officials Application

Psych Sheet updated as of 3/9/16 4:17 pm   If your athletes still have asterisk next to his or her name. That means you still haven't proven the times. Please take care of this with meet Referee Allan Golding ASAP.

Pre-Scratch Timelines

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Thursday Results

Thursday Team Scores

Thursday Ind. High Point Leaders

Friday Prelims

Friday Finals

Friday Time Trials

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Individual High Point Thru Friday

Saturday Prelims

Saturday Time Trials

Saturday Finals

Team Scores thru Saturday

Individual High Point Scores thru Saturday

Sunday Prelims

Sunday Time Trial

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Tent Rental Guidelines
• Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis only begin on Monday, December 14. 
  Limited Spaces Only For Tents.
• Reservations CAN ONLY BE MADE through Cindy Jones. For Reservations, Please contact Cindy Jones at
(The tent rental company will NOT process rental reservation if contacted directly).
The tent rental cut off date, should there be any space available is Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 12:00 noon.
Payment in-full is due with initial confirmation of tent rental.