Swim Team

The Rockets is a program with a variety of opportunities for all ages.

Space Coast Rockets is an AAU team that includes both a youth and adult swim program as well as a youth dive team (coming soon). What is AAU swimming? AAU swimming is a grass root community program for multi sports including swimming. There is an annual National Championship competition in the summer and swimmers must achieve a BB time standard in his/her age group to attend the meet. Currently there are 2 AAU programs in Brevard County.

Many middle school and high school aged participants of swimming try to stay in shape in the off season, improve stroke technique, increase endurance and improve. The AAU program provides this opportunity. Young swimmers transitioning from swim lessons to a swim team will learn fundamental skills which will assist them throughout their competitive swimming time. Adults have the opportunity to use swimming as a fitness program, prepare for triathlons or competitions.

The training sessions are divided into age and ability groups. Each group focuses on skills which will enhance the participants skill and knowledge. 

The fee structure of the Rockets is to ensure anyone who wants to participate has the opportunity. Scholarships and multi family discounts are available.

Swim Meets

There are a limited number of AAU meets in the area and many of the kids want to participate in meets. So, any team member may choose to register with USA Swimming. We offer that opportunity by registering with ROCOA ROCKETS. However, participants may choose to register with any of the local USA teams. It is not a requirement to be USA registered in our program. The coaches are dual registered with AAU and USA Swimming so that they may accompany swimmers to these events.  Adult members may want to register with USMS to complete in adult/master swim competitions.