Enter Meet

 Steps for Entering a Meet

Here's an overview for using OME to enter meets.

Important details

1. Meets provide opportunities for swimmers to get official swim  times. 

2. Have fun. For beginners, it may be an intimidating time. Let them  enjoy and have a good time.

3. Remember to encourage your swimmers. It's OK to have an average time. Take things slowly.

4. Contact a swim  parent to let them know your kid is going to a meet.

Get help from experienced parents who can guide you and show you the ropes.

5. Read the Islanders handbook for more tips about swim meets.


Below are screenshots to show the steps to enter a meet using OME.

1.  Go to EVENTS page

2. Click on event you are interested.

3. Click on ONLINE ENTRIES link.  

4. Login to OME. Click to enter your swimmer.

5. Click to get BEST TIMES.

6. Check the times and click SAVE when done

7. Click to PAY

8. Enter payment details

9. Click on checkbox then click to submit payment.

10. On successful payment. Print page.