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3) ElitSwim POLICY



New Swimmers and Try-Outs
New swimmers should only register if they have gone thru evaluation/try-out and been approved by the coaches!
For All New TRY-OUT swimmers! The City of San Ramon requires a liability form that needs to be downloaded, printed, filled out, and handed in to us before the swimmer can enter the water.Please click the link to choose your form for either a MINOR or ADULT

Registration fees:
There is one time $25 registration fee ($15 for the second and $10 for the third sibling) for all new students for our group classes and $10 for private and semi-private lessons,
*Registration fee is non-refundable.

Can I register at any time during the month?
Registration is available at any time and class fees will be prorated for partial months.  
For example: if you signed up on the 10th of the month, you would only be charged for the remaining sessions for that month.
Please note that ongoing monthly charges are collected electronically. The credit card you use for this registration becomes your default method of payment for monthly charges.

When registered what do I do next? 
When you register for any of our programs you will pay only the registration fee and when completed and save it will show you that your registration is "Pending Approval'. Don't worry you don't need to do anything else. Our system protects and controls all group registrations due to our low number of swimmers per group.
We will soon process your registration and add the prorated monthly dues for the remaining of the month. When completed immediately you will receive a confirmation email that your account is now active and you can start on your regular days and times. 


Forms of Payment:                                                                                                                 

ElitSwim will only be accepting payments by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) and your account will be charged automatically on the 1st of each month.Please keep at all times a current credit card on file to pay for monthly dues and other items

I'am a returning member do I pay again for a registration fee?

No, if it is in the same calendar year you won't be charged again.

Just Contact Us to activate back your account. When confirmed that your account is active then you must sign in using your current sign in email and login password.
DO NOT create a new account if you have an existing account. Please verify/update existing info in your account. Be sure to update each swimmer if you have multiple swimmers, contact and credit card info.


Instructions to Update your Credit Card Info to your account:

1) Sign In
2) Go to My Account > My Account > Payment Setup
    ▪ CC - "Automatically charge CREDIT CARD below"(recommended)
4) Add your new CC info
5) Click Save Changes

Late Fee:
Any payment that is overdue, after the 10th of each month will result in a $30.00 per month late fee charged per swimmer to each family account. 
 If fees are not current, swimmers will not be allowed to practice.

Suspending or Terminating Participation:

Suspending or terminating your Membership requires thirty (30) days advance written notice. There are no refunds of dues paid.  It is the responsibility of the participants to notify the club management of their intention to terminate their involvement with the ElitSwim programs in writing to close out or suspend their account. 

Refund/ Credit Policy
ElitSwim does not offer refunds. There will be a $15 service charge per class per person on all requested credits and transfers. 

Makeup Policy:
ElitSwim does not offer make-up classes: it is left up to you to decide if missing class is worth losing that lesson. While we would love to accommodate all situations, space and time simply prohibit us from being able to do so. If your child got injured, you must provide us with written notice at least 24 hours prior as well as a doctors note to receive the makeup lesson. Extreme circumstances will be considered on a situational basis by the department head ONLY!

Winter Months Make-up Policy:
We accommodate all make-up classes only for the months of November, December, and January every year for all days lost as the holiday season and sometimes cold weather can affect your participation.

Weather Policy:
There are no refunds, credits or make-ups for missed classes, nor for same-day cancelations caused by any act of God, including but not limited to, lightning, earthquake and severe weather. In the instances of shutdowns caused by health and/or safety considerations.

What kind of equipment does my child need? 

All swimmers required to wear ElitSwim logo caps at all times. They will also need fins, kickboard, goggles, and a proper fitting suit. Please avoid full body suits as it can make really hard for the swimmer to move in the water. A water bottle also could be useful in the summer time. Fins need to fit snuggly into their feet without hurting them, kickboard junior size or adult size depends on how old is your child. Please advise your coach if you have any questions. For more info please click HERE

Is my child required to wear a swim cap?
With every new registration, you will be provided an ElitSwim logo swim cap that needs to be worn at all practices.
All girls are required to wear swim caps and any boys will long hair. Caps make you faster and allow coaches to easily identify swimmers. It also allows you to apply the correct mechanics of your strokes and have the correct breathing position without getting distrusted from hair in your face or mouth.

Where can I buy an ElitSwim Cap?
Swim caps are available for sale in latex for $5 and silicone for $10 from your coach.

Can I or my child use the facilities before or after the group class and/or private lesson?
Parents are responsible for their children both before and after their lessons.
Your class fee covers the entrance to the pool and the designated time of your lesson with our ElitSwim instructors. If you would like to stay longer at the pool to swim (i.e. out of your lesson time frame) then you are required to pay the entrance fee to the City at the front desk.

Should I be visible during my child(ren)'s lesson?
If the child is constantly asking for “Mommy" or "Daddy” throughout the lesson the teacher is probably competing for attention, so it is generally best to have the parent “out of sight and out of mind” until the child begins to bond with and trust the teacher. We do want parents to watch the entire lesson but may prefer that they hide out of sight whenever their child becomes distracted by the possibility that Mom or Dad might bail them out of their current scary or new situation.
It is also a big distraction for the coach as well as we always have as a priority except for your child's progress in swimming also their safety that comes first. For this purpose, you may stand either across the pool from where the coach is instructing the swimmers or on the side without being on a view of the swimmers.

How can I be notified if a class will be canceled for the day?
We send text and email notifications as soon as we get informed by the City's management. We would like to encourage you to use the Text tool to your account because when we have unanticipated pool closures due to weather or an emergency for your child then a text message is more timely than an email message. Also please check our Calendar page on our website for days that High School has water polo games or swim meets and we won't have practices on that day.

Add to receive Text notifications to your account:
Please follow the instructions below.
How to add texting number for ElitSwim:
1) Sign in to your account at
2) Go to My Account
            - Account  info Tab
3) Account email and text messaging set up
4) Click Add SMS- add phone number and carrier for text to be sent
            - Once added a confirmation text message will be sent
5) Confirm Confirmation text.  
You are now ready to receive ElitSwim texts.

What do I do if I feel that I or my child are not progressing fast enough?
If you feel you are not progressing we can try a variety of things to help you improve at a faster rate. Your options include, but are not limited to:
 -Attending more than one group lesson per week
 -Switching to private lessons
 -Adding on private lessons in addition to group lessons

Can I take a video or photos of my child during practices?
Parents are never allowed on deck to video record their swimmers at practices, due to insurance issues with USA Swimming.Video record or taking photos of your child will also include other swimmers of the class. Please respect the privacy of all other participants in our programs.

Vacation Policy:
We have very limited slots available and for your summer vacation in order to reserve your account active and keep your slot for your current days and times of your group, it will require a minimum of 50% of your monthly dues for the month that you will miss.We don't reserve a slot for more than 2 calendar months. After that, all regular monthly dues will apply. Please email us here for your request.

I have more questions, who do I contact? 
Start with your coach.  He/she is an excellent resource for all of your swimming questions.  If a parent uses anyone other than the coach for information regarding coaching, training, performance, or program policies this can be disruptive for the swimmer.
If you have questions regarding your account and/or billing, website or other general questions Contact Us.


How can I start if I'm interested for private & semi-private?
To arrange your private lessons you will need to Contact Us and check availability! We have very limited slots and when we find one for you then it will be uppon arrangement with an assigned coach for a specific day and time per week. If agreed, next step will be to register on our website HERE for private lessons as soon as possible so you can reserve that slot. **Only your registration will confirm and reserve your slot.

Registration Fees:
There is one time $10 registration fee for each participant in the same calendar year for all private and semi-private lessons.*Registration fee is non-refundable.

What is the next step after I register?
When you register for private lessons you will pay only the registration fee and by the end of the process it will show you that your registration is "Pending Approval'. Next step if you haven't done it is to contact us and mentioned for how many lessons package with a minimum of six you would like to proceed. Our billing department will process your registration and charge the credit card in your account for the amount of lessons that you requested. When done you will receive a confirmation email that your account is now active and you can start on your set up days and times. This process takes no more than 24hours. 

Lessons Package:
There is a minimum of 6 lessons package for all private and semi-private lessons.
For pricing please click Here

How can I continue and purchase another lessons package?
The only thing you need to do is to just Contact Us and specify for how many more lessons you would like to continue. We recommend doing that at least a week before your last lessons so you can remain in the same time slot and assigned coach. Our billing department will move forward with your request and charge your CC in your account with the total number of lessons that you requested. There is no registration fee when repurchase.

This class format offers a 2 to 1 swimmer to instructor ratio and is ideal for swimmers that may need some extra attention in order to meet their swimming goals. It is up to the parent to find the second swimmer (a sibling, friend, cousin, etc.). These classes can be taught as 30 minutes shared between the 2 swimmers or 15 minutes each. 

Private/Semi-Private completion time:
You have 2-3 months maximum to complete any lessons package. When signing up for lessons we assign you a coach and a specific time/day slot per week. If for any reason you have to temporarily cancel your lessons we can not guarantee or commit to an open slot and availability from our coaching staff in the future. ElitSwim does not offer refunds. 

Pool Depth:
For a beginner swimmer sometimes there is the fear of deeper water if they cannot stand on the bottom of the pool (young or adults). Sometimes lessons are being performed in more than 4 feet depth depends on the assigned lanes that we have sharing the pool with other programs. We definitely understand but we can not guarantee shallow pool depth. The whole idea for a beginner level to start swimming lessons is to create the bond, the confidence and detail instruction from the coach that can assist in the future and feel safe in the water and excel in swimming.
All of our coaching staff are professional, highly trained and certified by the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguards. You can rest assured that your safety is our first priority to make your child feel safe and introduce to all of you the wonderful world of swimming. 

Should I be visible during my child(ren)'s lesson?
Sometimes the child feels safe when a parent is there and requires very specific handling if they have hesitation to enter the water. If you want your child to learn how to swim and absorb all instructions from the coach it has to be done without distractions.
Please follow the instructions of the coach if needed to stay close or give some space for the lesson to take part.

24 Hour Cancelation Policy:
**Cancelations for private or semi-private lessons are only acceptable with a 24-hour notice prior to the lesson. Failure to do so will result in a full session charge.

Doctor's Note Cancelation:
a) Cancelation is offered with a doctor's note and 50% refund for remaining classes.
b) For a full refund of the remaining of your lessons we can apply a credit to your account to be used at the ElitSwim during the following 2 month period. Please email us to specify how you want to proceed.

Private Lessons Makeups:
Make-up lessons are offered ONLY if canceled due to weather, unsafe pool conditions, or an instructor emergency. The make-up lesson may occur on a different day than your class is normally scheduled if needed. There are no refunds or credits.

Can I take video or photos during my child's private lesson?
Yes, you definitely can as long as you don't distract the coach and the swimmer requesting for attention. If requested we can arrange one lesson to be assigned for video or photo shooting. 

- Swimmers and parents need to make every effort to be on time for practices if possible. To be on time or even 5-10 min earlier it gives the child the feeling of fulfillment and the mindset where they are and what they came to do. If they come the last moment they rush to do everything and it is not an ideal way to start your practice. Also being on time it creates the mentality of a group set up and structure to start working your warm up and be ready for your next set. Swimmers should have all of their equipment with them so that they can participate fully.
- ElitSwim reserves the right to photograph and film facilities, activities, and program participants for potential use in our marketing efforts, which may include, but not limited to, brochures, flyers, TV commercials, and the ElitSwim’s website.  All marketing materials will remain the property of the ElitSwim.
- ElitSwim reserves the right to change policy and procedure at 
  any time without prior notice to ensure ongoing quality and service. 

- ElitSwim maintains the right to terminate any membership at any time 
  with causing the interest of our vision, mission, objectives, and safety issue.

For Current members: When you contact us please add to the email your full name of your account and your child's name so we can locate instantly your account and respond on time.
For New members: Please give us a brief message if you are interested in our group classes or private lessons. A little bit about your child's age and background in swimming if any, Also if you recently talked with the Director of ElitSwim on the deck or pass through from our try out process.
If you have further questions about joining our team please Contact Us  

In Closing:
Although comprehensive in the outlining of the ElitSwim, not all policies or procedures might be covered. When a new situation occurs, ElitSwim administration will make every decision in the best interest of the child’s safety, security, and wellbeing in the program. The coaching staff encourages all parents to be part of this wonderful organization and help us, help the children!



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