Why Swimming

Water safety: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4 in the United States. A potential drowning is easily avoidable when your child is taught proper life saving measures.

In May of 2010, the AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics , released research stating that swim lessons may actually provide reduction in drowning risk of children ages 1- to 4-years-old. That study, Association Between Swimming Lessons and Childhood Drowning published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, March, 2009, by Brenner et. al. was the first study to probe the relationship between drowning reduction and swimming skills. The same study concluded that, “Participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning in the 1- to 4-year-old children…”

  • Calms fears: lessons will not only calm your child’s fears about the water, but also your own when relaxing in the backyard with your family or even on vacation.
  • Build’s confidence: lessons combined with your supportive and positive attitude will help foster your child’s confidence.Promotes Fitness and teaches a child to strive for physical achievements.
  • Teaches patience and motivation for self-improvement, swimming lessons are very technical and involve extensive skill development. The student will learn to set goals, be patient in learning such skills to achieve those goals, and to strive for self-improvement.
  • A lifetime activity, swimming is an activity that any person can enjoy whether or not they choose to pursue the competition side of the sport
  • Low impact activity, unlike some other skills you may learn swimming is relatively injury free comparative to other sports.