Wave Aquatics Water Polo offers three training groups to best fit its membership.  As membership grows, groups may be added or modified.  Below, you will find a description of each group.  For a more expansive group explanation, including expectations, practice schedule, and registration options, please select a group from the pull down menu on the "Groups" tab.

Youth Development

The Youth Development group is for all athletes in grade 8 or lower, with no prior water polo experience.  The purpose of this group is to prepare novice athletes for competition and athletes will be invited to join the Competition group as soon as they are ready.  Athletes in this group are eligible for scrimmages, but not sanctioned tournaments.  

Youth Competitive

The Youth Competitive group is for athletes in grade 8 or lower, who have graduated from the Development group, or are joining the club with water polo experience.  The focus of this group is to create as competitive a team as possible, by emphasizing the group’s progression through the process of becoming athletes and positive team members.  Athletes in this group are eligible all competition opportunities.

High School

The High School group is for all athletes in grade 9 or higher, regardless of water polo experience. Athletes in this group are eligible for all competition opportunities.



Each group has specific registration requirements and its own practice schedule. Often, more than one group will practice in the pool at the same time, but not always. Please read each group's description carefully, and contact us immediately with any questions.


All member registration and billing details will be finalized by Team Administrator Dorothy Lautman ([email protected]).