Welcome to the Stingray Swim Team Masters Program.

Our Masters Program provides quality coaching and training for post-graduate adults. This is not a lesson program, but rather an opportunity to train with like-minded teammates and get a killer workout. Competition is optional. To join, please email Coach Kristina (kbiceroglu@yahoo.com).

Monthly Dues (starting Sep. 1)

  • $10 drop in
  • Adult Grayling - $56/month for 2 practices a week (comes to $7/practice)
  • Adult Trout - $72/month for 3 practices a week (comes to $6/practice)
  • Adult Salmon - $100/month for unlimited practices (comes to $5/practice)

Additional Fees

  • Annual United States Masters Swimming Registration - $45/year
    • Covers you with USMS insurance and allows you to compete, if interested
    • Alaska Masters in your CLUB, Stingray Swim Team is your WORKOUT GROUP
    • USMS Registration 

Workout Schedule

For more information and updates, visit the Stingray Swim Team Masters Facebook page: facebook.com/stingraymasters


Masters Goal Worksheet in Excel

Masters Goal Worksheet in PDF

Fairbanks Masters Holiday Splash Meet Information!

Fairbanks Masters Holiday Splash Results