Team Info

Welcome, we are a summer swim team through the Woodridge Park District that works hard and plays hard together. Our goals are to teach our swimmers proper technique, good training skills and instill in them a love for swimming within a fun team atmosphere.

We are very competitive within our conference and we work hard with our swimmers to see them each improve on their personal best. Our athletes range from beginners to year round top age group and high school state swimmers. We love them all!

Team Cheer

There was a little froggy,

Sitting on a log.

Cheering for the other team

He had no sense at all.

He fell into the water,

Bumped his little head.

And when he came back up again,

this is what he said:

Go, Go, Go!

Go You Mighty Sea Lions!

Fight, Fight, Fight!

Fight You Mighty Sea Lions!

Win, Win, Win!

Win You Mighty Sea Lions!

Go! Fight! Win!

And that is what he said! Hey!