The PASA - Cardinal program engages a multi-faceted approach to athletic and personal development. An early and consistent emphasis on athletic skill development in and out of the water builds an important foundation and directly enhances athletic performance.

Enrichment through camps, clinics, guest speakers, and on-going swimmer education builds a common curriculum around leadership and character development. PASA - Cardinal swimmers are principle-centered athletes with a cohesive team culture.

Training Camps & Clinics

Annually, swimmers at every level receive opportunities to experience training camps or stroke clinics. 

Our Senior & National swimmers attend PASA - Cardinal training camps, scheduled once or twice per season. In recent years, PASA - Cardinal has trained annually at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The facility is home to USA Swimming's national headquarters as well as a 50 meter training facility that hosts Olympic athletes and members of the US National Team throughout the year. Our most recent summer training trip in June, 2015 was to Hawaii, where swimmers trained for 4 - 6 hours each day, and spent lots of time snorkeling, hiking, and traveling around the island in between training sessions.

The Age Group program attends clinics locally, including hands-on skills clinics lead by our Senior & National group swimmers scheduled regularly throughout the season. Age Group swimmers benefit from detailed in-the-water and on-deck feedback on stroke progressions, starts, turns, and finishes clinics are a great opportunity for younger groups to learn from our experienced athletes. 

Dryland Training Program

PASA - Cardinal uses a big picture and long-term approach to athletic development. In addition to working with our lead coaches, swimmers train with several specialists and performance consultants. Through dryland, we work to develop athleticism and incorporate exercises designed to aid in injury prevention. Our team has defined three core principals for our dryland training.

1. Improve swimming performance.
2. Prevent injuries.
3. Educate swimmers and promote life-long learning and growth in the sport.

Bridge Athletic
Bridge Athletic is a dry-land program that the Senior / National Group swimmers incorporate into their training. The program is designed by Nick Folker, who is widely regarded as a top strength and conditioning coach in the world for aquatic athletes. The Bridge Athletic program builds, delivers and tracks a customized dryland progression. Swimmers receive a comprehensive, highly-customized training plan and complete regular assessments throughout the season.

All Age Group swimmers progress through a dryland curriculum designed with Dr G. John Mullen, Physical Therapist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and World renowned expert and speaker in sports training and rehabilitation. The program is focused on developing athleticism and incorporates a number of exercises designed to aid in proper biomechanics and injury prevention.

All PASA - Cardinal swimmers participate in a yoga session once or twice a week. Yoga classes are taught by Yoga Alliance-certified instructor Sorina Diaconescu. The sessions are focused on flexibility, core strength, mindfulness, and focus. We have seen measurable improvements across all age groups with regular yoga practice.

Pilates sessions are taught by certified STOTT Pilates Trainer Becky Bull. These are low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Ongoing Pilates classes focus on core strength, breathing, body balance, and posture.


Speakers & Specialists


Regular visits from speakers and specialists enhance PASA - Cardinal group learning and athlete and character development. Through years of experience, the coaching staff has outlined a curriculum of articles, videos, resources, and group activities designed to assist athletes in developing the skills for long-term learning and success in the sport. 

Speakers and specialists are selected for their unique contributions, with topics ranging from high performance training, National & International competition experience, dryland training, stroke analysis, character development, confidence coaching, and many more.