Campolindo Swim Team Job and Donation Sign-up

We will be posting when the jobs sign up opens once we have the total number for swimmers for the 2019 Season.

Welcome to the 2019 Campolindo Swim Team Job and Donation sign-up.  There will once again be a wide variety of team jobs and donation items over the course of the season to accommodate all our busy lives.   Our swimmers are counting on us to sign up and make this season a success!

 Please familiarize yourself with all the available options, dates and whether or not it’s a JV or Varsity event.  Job sign-ups will be online on our team website. Some team jobs have already been filled due to the specific qualifications or time sensitivity of the job.  Some jobs require bigger commitments and that is noted under the job description.  Substitutes are strongly discouraged.  If it is necessary to hire a substitute, it is up to the individual family to find a reliable substitute, notify our Jobs Coordinator, Linda O’Brien (, with the substitute’s name and cell phone contact, and pay the substitute (going rate is $10/hour).  Filling the jobs for our first meet is a priority!


Swim Team Job Descriptions

Timer:  Uses plunger, manual stopwatch and/or records times for every event at a meet.  Must be able to arrive on time and stay for the entire meet.  Must be able to stand and accurately record times by pushing the plunger/stopwatch at the end of every event in your lane.

Head Timer:  Checks in all timers.  Distributes stopwatches and recording slips.  Gives instructions to all timers and recorders prior to meet.  Stands with multiple activated stopwatches during the meet to quickly give replacement to timers with malfunctioning watches, as needed.   Prior Head Timer experience a plus. Must be able to stand and move quickly for the duration of the meet.

Runner:  Collects and distributes event slips to every lane.  Must be able to move quickly behind the timers. 

Floater/Sub Able to provide breaks for any deck worker (timers, head timer, runner, snack shack) by filling in for them in their absence.  Must check in regularly with all workers during the meet.

Timing System Team (3 job commitment):  Helps set up/take down and run the computer and timing system for each home meet.  Must commit to ALL home meets.  Prior experience HIGHLY suggested.

DAL Snack Shack Coordinator (2 job commitment):   Assists Snack Shack workers with set up and take down at Trials and DAL Championships. Help set menu and order food.  

Snack Shack Worker:  Works in snack shack setting up, prepping, serving, selling food and drinks and take down.

Food Donations:  Donates and delivers food or drink items to the swim team.

Pasta Feed Donations Provide prepped food (pasta dishes, salads, bread, paper products, drinks, dessert) to the Pasta Feed dinners ( DAL Pasta Feed and NCS Dinner ).  All individual food dishes should serve at least 15 hungry swimmers.  Please note that salad and bread are 1 job and water and paper products are 1 job.  Food must arrive to the specific site on time and ready to serve.  Best to use disposable containers and utensils. 

DAL Set Up: Pop-ups, chairs, tables, timing equipment and more need to be set up prior to the Varsity DAL Championships at Soda Center on April 25, 2019.  Facilities Coordinator will contact you in advance for morning set-up time. Should be able to perform heavy lifting.

Mission Viejo Chaperone (3 job commitment):  For Varsity swimmer female parent.  Travel to Mission Viejo by own transportation.  Hotel room provided.  Provide support to coaches when needed with lunch order and any other swimmer needs.  

DAL/NCS Dinner Coordinator (3 job commitment) Must be a NCS qualifying swimmer family.  Host dinner at your home for all DAL and NCS qualifying swimmers and coaches on April 24, 2019 and May 2, 2019 .  All dinner menu items will be provided.

Banquet Set up:  Provide support to Banquet Coordinators at the event by helping to set up, serve and clean up.  Banquet is held at Campo in the cafeteria on May 21, 2019.