We are a TYR team and The Starting Block is our official team store!

TYR is the primary aquatic performance apparel and equipment sponsor for our team. All of our team gear and team suits will be TYR branded. We are excited by this opportunity to be sponsored by such a trusted brand!

What Gear Does My Swimmer Need?

Most swimmers have a towel, cap and goggles that they bring in a swim bag each day to practice. As your swimmer accumulates more gear they may opt to purchase a mesh gear bag. This is good for the swimmer to have at the end of their lane to keep track of their things. It is also good for hanging up in the laundry room or garage at home for the gear to dry. Required equipment by practice group:
  • LESSONS: goggles
  • PREP: goggles, fins
  • COMP: team suit for meets, water bottle, goggles, cap, fins, front snorkel
  • AAG, EAG: team suit, Mesh bag for gear, water bottle, goggles, cap, fins, front snorkel
SENIOR: team suit, mesh bag for gear, water bottle, goggles, cap, fins, hand paddles, front snorkel, drag sox, zoomers (short fins,) tempo trainer (some swimmers so check with coach) , and pocket drag suit (some swimmers so check with coach).

The Starting Block recently opened our ONLINE TEAM STORE
  • If you would like any of your team gear embroidered or personalized, you can contact Chrissy at Peregrine ( to arrange to have that done. Peregrine has our team emblem on file so the work can be done quickly.
  • Since TECHNICAL SUIT discounts are based on your highest qualifying meet, these need to be ordered with Coach K's help.  Email him if you need a tech suit.
  • DragSox
® are the only team gear that can't be ordered through our team dealer, so any Senior or Elite Group members who need to order those should order them at THIS LINK(Most swimmers will want the introductory size 30.)


Crossblade Sizing Chart