Team Suits


UPDATED 5/6/21 - Team Suits Available NOW.  While many kids will wear this suit, it is not required.   

You do not have to purchase a team suit to swim for the CHCC Sharks! The League rule is that in meets, you can not wear a suit or cap with the name of another team or league on it. But for those Sharks who would like team suits, here are the choices:

For 2021, we are excited to continue with the Tyr Phoenix Splice Diamondfit in navy and white for girls, and the Tyr Phoenix Splice racer or jammer in navy and white for boys!  Order the team suit at:

You can also find this suit at All American Swim in Cary, 1231 NW Maynard Rd. (919-439-8678).  The password for our team store is:  

Username:  chapelhill

Password:  club8