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Swim Groups


Please call us at 925-443-7700 to schedule a tryout, or Click here to send us an email request for more information.


Pre-Competitive Group

Swimmers must be able to complete at least one lap of freestyle and backstroke without fins.  Focus is on technique fundamentals, learning four legal strokes, and on teamwork and swimming etiquette. We typically only offer this group only in the Fall and Spring months. 

Novice 1 Group

Swimmers can do one lap of each stroke legally, as well as legal turns and finishes.  Focus is on creating beautiful, efficient strokes and learning basic training techniques such as reading the clock and proper spacing.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend meets. 


Novice 2 Group

Swimmers can do the four strokes with increased efficiency.  Fundamentals of balance and kicking skills are heightened.  Technique remains the main focus as more training sequences and race strategy are learned.  Teamwork and responsibility to the greater group is emphasized.  Meets are encouraged.  


Junior 1 Group

Swimmers are expected to attend at least 6 competitions within the calendar year.  This is a preparation group for Junior Olympic and Far Western level swimming achievement.  Contribution to the team is discussed and team and individual goals are set.  Aerobic endurance is built through kicking and efficency drills.  Distance per stroke is emphasized. 

Junior 2 Group

Swimmers are increasing amount of yardage swum.  Conditioning is emphasized along with efficiency. Longer range goals are discussed.  Participation in meets is expected.  Mental focus and physical effort in practice are expected as well as a willingness to help younger swimmers on the team improve. 

Pre-Senior Group

Same as Junior Age 2, but for more committed swimmers who will soon be making the step to the Senior Group.  These swimmers are committed to swimming 6 days a week.  The ability to count strokes, make quick corrections, and to be receptive to the coaches' feedback is expected.  Pre-Senior swimmers learn from more advanced swimmers and teach those swimmers who are less advanced.  The development of underwater dolphin kick is emphasized as well as exposure a majority of IM work in order to develop highly skilled, well rounded swimmers. 

Senior Group

Introduction to aerobic and anaerobic energy level training, speed, endurance, and dryland training.  Focus on achieving and competing in statewide, national, and international USA Swimming meets.  Practices 9x/week.  This group has produced National level swimmers through constant attention to technique detail, flexibility, mental preparedness, and team spirit.  In addition to in the water practices, these swimmers do Pilates, Yoga, and use LVTC's great facility in order to increase total body fitness and strength. 

Junior Varsity

This group is for swimmers who are coming to the sport at an older age, or who have other commitments but who would like to improve their swimming skills and fitness.  The typical age of swimmers in this group is 10-14


This group is for those swimmers who have other commitments but who would still like to maintain swimming conditioning in preparation for High School or Summer League competition.  Swimmers must be 13 or older.


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