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Board of Directors

As a nonprofit club, we are run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors that is elected by the team each year. Team parents and family members are encouraged to become involved with the Board and run for Board office. The Board meets regularly throughout the year to ensure that we can provide the community with an opportunity to be part of a swim team that is reflective of our values and goals.

2019 Board Members

President - Michelle Walden

Michelle has several years of experience with swimming communities in Prince William County, VA, both year-round and summer swim programs. She has previously served on the Marlins Board of Directors in multiple roles and is a certified Stroke & Turn Official with the Prince William County Swim League (PWSL). Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge regarding all matters related with organized swimming. As our president, Michelle is available to answer any questions about our swim program and offer tips to ensure all of our families have a fun and successful season. Michelle can be reached at​



Vice President:  Scott Peters

Scott and family have been with the Marlins for over ten years. He has previously served on the board as president and computer representative. Scott has three Marlins swimmers, two of which serve has as Junior Coaches. His goal as Vice President is to help improve team fundraising events, concessions, and volunteer positions. He loves hearing new ideas from the team and look forward to many more years with the Marlins! Scott can be reached at


Secretary:  Katie Fernandez-Smith



Treasurer - Tonia Evans

Entering her 11th season with the Marlins and 5th year as Treasurer. Tonia and her family are very active with the Marlins and continuously volunteer every season as runner, recorder, timer and meet break down respectively. She has 25 plus years’ experience in accounting and works professionally as a controller for a small advertising agency. Tonia can be reached at [email protected].


Team Representative - Gwen Arredondo


Entering her 4th season with the Marlins and 1st year as Team Representative. She has two swimmers on the team. She can't wait to get started with the new season and is always available if anyone needs anything. Gwen's goal is to help improve communications between the league office and the team, ensure volunteers are trained and ready to support the team at the meets, and become more involved in the day to day operations of the team. Gwen can be reached at [email protected].



Computer Representative - Geoff Weber









Volunteer Support

The following members of the Veterans Park Swim Team are volunteers who fill important roles to ensure the team is run smoothly, adequately, and with the utmost professionalism. Please take note of them and thank them for their support to the Marlins.

Head Referee - Virgil Tyler Sr.

Virgil Tyler, Sr. has been a volunteer with the Veterans Park Marlins Swim Team for over 10 years. He has enjoyed assisting in various areas when needed, but enjoys most serving as a Prince William Swim League summer swim official. He has been a committed Stroke and Turn Judge and Head Referee for many years. Virgil has a special joy for swimming and has over 15 years of aquatics experience as a former Pool Operator, Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguard Instructor Trainer and CPR Instructor Trainer (American Red Cross). He began swimming at the early age of two, and it has been his passion ever since.

Team Announcer - Otis Lane

Otis and his family have been with the Marlins for several seasons and are also active with year long swimming programs in Northern Virginia. Otis has taken command as the Marlins Announcer, a critical position at swim meets. As our announcer, Otis keeps everyone involved in our meets up to date on the meet flow and provides valuable information to the coaching staff. Additionally, Otis is known to spice it up a little bit by putting smiles on everyone's faces with his charming and hilarious personality. Otis understands that in addition to being a highly competitive swim team, we are also a fun and exciting team and his beautiful sense of humor and awesome dance moves are something we all look forward to each season. Otis can be reached at​


Concessions Manager - Ann Ningcharoen

Ann and her family have been with the Veterans Park Swim Team for several years and her dedication and support to the team is greatly appreciated. Ann is in charge of our concessions and supervises\directs customer service during our meets and maintains a positive experience for all our swim team families and guests. Ann has a passion for concessions and strives to operate a clean, safe, organized and profitable stand. She supervises the setup, breakdown and production of all menu items. As a non-profit organization, the Marlins rely heavily on concession stand profits to help keep operating costs down and allow our area swimmers the opportunity to swim competitively. Ann can be reached at​ [email protected].


Head Timer - Evan Burrows

Evan has several years of experience with swimming communities in Prince William County, VA, both year-round and summer swim programs. He has served as the Marlins Head Timer for past the past four seasons.  Evan is in charge of all lane timers and works with the Meet Director to distribute watches and clipboard and assign lanes to all timers. He works to ensure each lane timer is properly trained and informed of their duties. Additionally, he works to ensure the integrity of the meet is maintained. Being a Timer at our swim meets gets you access to the deck and close to the action. If you would like to volunteer as a Timer, please see Evan and he'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Evan can be reached at​


Entertainment Director - "DJ John" Cadisal

The Marlins are proud to have DJ John leading our entertainment department. He helps get our Marlins pumped up for each meet with his great sounds. John is an experienced DJ, who has performed at a wide range of events (weddings, birthdays, picnics, parties, etc.) and volunteers a lot of his time to Marlin events. We greatly appreciate John's delightful personality and continued support to the Veterans Park Marlins. John is the Co-Founder of JAM DJ Productions and Pro Mobile DJ.  John can be reached at​