Whether you are a beginner or advanced swimmer we have a swim lesson program for you.   Summer Time in our mind is the best time to learn and fine tune skills swimmers would want to improve upon.

Swim Lessons get filled up fast, and we will have instructors ready for your program needs.


  • What to bring – A great pair of fitting goggles, and hair tools/bathing caps to keep the hair out of the swimmers face.

  • Lesson Times – Times are usually scheduled based on instructor and swimmer availability.  We will not schedule swim lessons during peak usage times of the pool.


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LESSON Suggestions – we highly recommend reviewing the Lane Lesson tips prior to considering scheduling your time.

  1. Youth Swimmers - Success of a program varies with the individual personality of each participant.  There are swimmers who love the water, and are comfortable.  Then there is the opposite extreme, FEARFUL and uncomfortable in the water.  If your swimmer fits this description the process may take longer than it would someone else.  There are no guarantees other than to give it a try. Work with a instructor that would fit your swimmer’s needs.

  2. Competitive Swimmers – while it’s great you would have individual attention from the coaches, this is not the case during practice and meets.  What’s great about getting a lesson from the Coach is hearing the competitive instruction on a one on one basis.  Being in a large group training environment its difficult to measure what the kids understand & hear.  A private lesson is a quiet one on one time to chat and discuss mechanic strategy.

  3. ADULT swimmers – if you have ever consider using swimming for fitness we can help you get going.  If you are a tri-athlete looking to improve times, we can review your workouts, work on mechanics and find out how to get you to the finish line faster!  Lastly, if you’re the ADULT who didn’t get a chance to learn to swim while you were young, our motto is “never say never” and let’s tackles the bucket list!

  4. We encourage consistency in scheduling a program.  Stick with a routine, and make sure you make the scheduled lesson time.

  5. Practice, Practice Practice and not just in lessons, come every day to the pool for open swim time.  We know summer time is perfect opportunity for the kids to learn while they play in the water. At times this invitation requires parent involvement, getting in the big pool, getting your hair wet and ready to have fun with your swimmer.  Every bit helps!

  6. Permission to Evaluate and Decide if you are having success with your instructor.  This is extremely important.  There are NO contracts with Private Lessons, this is a uniquely designed program for you or your swimmer.   Make sure you see and feel relationship success and know we won’t be offended if you want to work with someone else who can connect with your swimmer!  Communication will be Key.