King Farm Swim Team Swim Groups

The King Farm Swim Team is made up of two groups of swimmers.  Pre-Team swimmers are our beginners and Regular Team is our more experienced swimmers.  Both groups are welcome to participate in all swim team activities and events.  The main difference is that our Pre-Team swimmers have a separate practice time and are provided more focused instruction for beginner swimmers. 

What is the difference between Pre-Team and Regular Team Practices?

Our coaches and our Pre-Team assistant coaches (experienced older swimmers on the team) provide direct instruction during Pre-Team practices based on the Pre-Team swimmer’s skills and abilities.  Pre-Team practices focus on stroke development in short distances whereas Regular Team practices focus on stroke development and endurance (they swim a lot of laps!).  Regular Team swimmers are expected to swim on their own without assistance, while our Pre-Team swimmers are provided help as needed. 

What are Pre-Team Evaluations?

Each Pre-Team swimmer is expected to have a certain level of swimming skills in order to safely participate in practice and be part of the team.  Pre-Team evaluations give the coaches a chance to assess if your child is ready to be part of Pre-Team. 

Pre-Team evaluations will be held on Sunday, June 9th at 10am-11am at the Saddle Ridge Pool.

During the evaluations, you will escort your child to a swim lane with a coach and Pre-Team assistant and then you get to watch your swimmer’s evaluation from our parent’s viewing area.  A Pre-Team assistant or coach will be in the water with your little swimmer at all times!  Please talk to your little swimmer and make them comfortable with the evaluation process.  We want your swimmers to have fun and feel comfortable working with our coaches!

The coaches will ask your swimmer to demonstrate the following:

  • Swim a combined stroke (most people call this crawl or freestyle) for 5 yards
    • It is important the coaches see good kicking with big arm circles out of the water!
  • Submerge face in the water for 5-10 seconds
  • Complete 5 bobs (head up & and all the way down under water)
  • Front Float

Based on your swimmer’s level, the coaches might also ask the swimmers to show other skills.   These other skills are not part of the core requirements and will just be used to asses potential swim groups for the first practice.

How will I know if my swimmer made Pre-Team?

After your swimmer has completed the evaluation, you (parent) will talk to our Pre-Team Team Coach.  If your swimmer was able to demonstrate all the skills listed above you will be notified they made Pre-Team!  If your swimmer was only able to do a portion of the skills listed above, the coach will indicate what specific swim skills your swimmer was lacking during the evaluation and why they are not ready for Pre-Team right now. 

Although it can be disappointing if your little swimmer did not make Pre-Team, we encourage the parents to work with your child on the swim skills they need to make Pre-Team.  If your little swimmer practices with you or takes lessons and is able to learn the missing swim skills, they are always welcome to try out for Pre-Team again – please just contact the Pre-Team coach. 

Not making Pre-Team is not an indication your child will never make Pre-Team.  We have had swimmers practice and/or take lessons and try out again the same season and make the team.  We also have had swimmers wait until next year, try out again, make Pre-Team and go on to swim with the Geese until they graduate!

When is the 1st Pre-Team Practice?

The first day of Pre-Team practice will be held on Monday, June 10th at 4:30 - 5:00.  Beginning June 17th we offer two practice times each day.  You can choose from the morning practice (10:00 - 10:30) or the afternoon practice (4:30 - 5:00).

Can Pre-Team Swimmers Participate in Meets?

Yes!  We have a special kick board race for Pre-Team swimmers every Home B Meet (see EVENTS tab for Home B Meet Dates).  Our Pre-Team assistants will get in the water and help your Pre-Team swimmer if they want help during the kick board race!   There is also a special King Farm only Meet for our Pre-Team and 8 and under swimmers at the end of the season.  This gives our Pre-Team swimmers a chance to participate in a real meet with only King Farm Swimmers.

Can Pre-Team Swimmers participate in social events and pep rallies?

OF COURSE!  Pre-Teamers are part of the King Farm Swim Team and can participate in any of the planned social activities or Friday Night Pep Rallies.  Some social activities are on the pool deck (Pizza Party & Pep Rallies).  Once school is out, we also have social activities each week at a different location (bowling, laser tag, and monster golf).   All activities should be on the calendar by May!   Typically our outside activities require RSVP and we recommend you Commit your child to these activities (on the EVENTS tab).

Are Pre-Team Parents required to volunteer?

If you have a child swimming regular and Pre-Team, 15 hours of volunteer hours are required each season.  If you only have a Pre-Team swimmer, you are exempt from the 15 hour volunteer requirement.   The King Farm Swim Team is a solely volunteer run organization (with the exception of coaches) and we always need volunteers!  There will be a lot of volunteer opportunities throughout the season and we encourage Pre-Team parents to participate: Memorial Day BBQ, End of School Pizza Party, Concession Stand on a Weekend, Pancake Breakfast, Make a Costco Run, and the Pre-Team Mini name just a few! 

Still have questions???

There will be a Swim Team Open House: April 24 at 7:00 PM at the Community Center.