Other than our coaches, swim meets are run solely by parent volunteers. In order to run such large events, each family is required to work at 3 swim meets (including at least one away meet) in one of the roles listed below.  In lieu of working at meets, you may choose to join our Parent Committee Organization.  The Board created the Parent Organization to assist them in the operation of the team.  Committee Chairs are year/season long roles.  Please email us at amberlyanacondas@outlook.com if you are interested in joining a Parent Committee.  All other roles, can be signed up for on the specific swim meet (on the events tab).

Meet Volunteer Jobs

Kid Pushers - Gathers up swimmers in a certain age group to be brought to the clerk of course with their event is called.  Ensures that swimmers stay in their designated area during the swim meet.

Clerk of Course - Aligns swimmers and gets them to their proper starting blocks for their events.

Timers - Positioned at the edge of the pool to obtain and record times for the swimmers.

Place Judges - Determines the finishing position for swimmers in the main heat of each event.

Recorder (home meets only) - Records place finishes and winning time on event slip.

Scorer - Records place finishes from the event and disqualification slips and scores on the official score sheet.

Runners - Responsible for moving paperwork between the stroke and turn judges, recorder, and scoring table.

Ribbon Writers - Complete award ribbons.

Heat Ribbon Distributor (home meets only) - Distributes ribbons for heat swimmers.

Stroke and Turn Judge - Judges whether proper stroke, turn, and finish are executed by the swimmers during the meet.  ** A training course is required for this position.

Starter (home meets only) - Starts each event with an appropriate starting device.

Announcer (home meets only) - Calls swimmers to the clerk of course for each event.

Meet Manager - Ensures proper flow of the meet.

Pool Set up and Clean up (home meets only) - Sets up the pool deck prior to the start of the meet.  Cleans up and breaks down pool deck after the swim meet.

Concession Stand (home meets only) - Sells food and drinks during the swim meet.

Water Cooler Refiller (home meets only) - Ensure water coolers are full for volunteers and distribute water to volunteers during the meet.

Parent Committees

Concessions Committee

  • Creates and presents a concession plan that includes the estimated costs and selling prices for the concessions to the BOD with a profit estimate;
  • Coordinates the set-up, clean-up and staffing of the concession booth;
  • Assists with the organization of the End of Season Party;
  • Books third party vendors for meets and other events;

  Spirit Wear Committee

  • Determines and oversees spirit wear items to purchase and distribute;
  • Coordinates annual team t-shirt and relevant sponsorship logos;
  • Devises a plan to include costs and estimated profits;
  • Coordinates the staffing of the Spirit Wear table at swim team events;
  • Oversees the distribution of team suits and t-shirts to families;
  • Acts as a liaison with equipment provider.

  Swimmer Recognition Committee

  • Coordinates team pictures including pictures at all events;
  • Prepares weekly recognition awards and post at the pool and on the web site;
  • Purchases trophies/medals for all swimmers;
  • Responsible for end of season awards;Creates end of season video presentation;
  • Disseminates team information to media outlets.

  Activities Committee

  • Organizes team social events;
  • Coordinates activities for the Mentor Program;
  • Coordinates kick off events and end of year banquet.

Fundraising Committee

  • Implements long term Fundraising Plan (as approved by the Board);
  • Organizes fundraising activities throughout the year;
  • Finds local businesses for sponsorship activities.

Volunteer Committee

  • Organizes parent volunteers to ensure coverage at all meets;
  • Responsible for training all volunteers;
  • Ensures team has volunteers available to serve as Clerk of Course, Stroke/Turn Judges, Score Keepers;
  • Runs volunteer check in table at each meet