Swim Groups

As a New South swimmer, your child will begin swimming in Team training groups appropriate to his/her age and ability and advance through the various levels as skills, confidence and competitiveness improve:

Snake Bites

These swimmers, aged 7 & older, are new to year round swimming.  They are competent in freestyle and backstroke, being able to swim at least one 25 yard length of each.  These swimmers work on building ability in all 4 strokes and basic pace clock awareness while fostering a love for the sport of swimming.  10 & under, 2 workouts a week, 60 minutes.
Bronze Group
These 12 & under swimmers should have a basic knowledge of and be able to perform at least 25 yards of all 4 competitive strokes.  Learning and having fun are the focal points of this group as the swimmers continue to develop their stroke technique, clock reading ability, starts, turns, finishes and basic training techniques. 12 & under, 3 workouts a week, 60 minutes.
Silver Group
12 & younger swimmers who have advanced past the novice level and are ready to learn more advanced stroke, training, racing  techniques.   12 & under, 4 workouts a week, 90 minutes
Gold Group
Our more accomplished 12 & under swimmers work on improving strokes, start and turn techniques.  They learn new training concepts while having fun, continuing to develop a love for swimming, and preparing to move to a 13 & older group.  12 & under, 5 workouts a week, 90-105 minutes including basic and limited dryland.
Pre Senior II
Swimmers in this group are generally aged 13 & older and are either new to year-round swimming, or are not quite ready to make the commitment to the full Pre Senior 1 schedule.  13 & older, 5 workouts a week, 90-105 minutes including dryland.
Pre Senior I
This group - generally aged 13 & older - includes swimmers trying to qualify for the N.C. Championships as well as some athletes already swimming at the sectional level.   13 & older, 6-8 workouts a week, 105-150 minutes per workout including dryland and mornings.
Swimming is a major part of these highly-committed swimmers' lives.  The athletes in this group are training toward sectional and national meets.  14 & older, 6-10 workouts a week, 120-165 minutes per workout including dryland and mornings.