Gator Family Volunteer Obligation

The Brentwood Gators Swim Team runs (awesomely!) on parent volunteers!   Every family must work at least 3 volunteer shifts during the regular dual meet season this year, plus one shift during conference meet if your child is swimming at conference.  

**The more helpers we have, the easier each job is, so don’t be shy, and sign up for your jobs right away!**  


When can I sign up?  The volunteer sign up pages online should be available in late May, when most swimmers will be registered and all meets are put in to the computer.


Do I still have to volunteer if my kid is not swimming in meets? 

Short Answer:  Yes.

Long Answer:  The Brentwood Gators are a team and we highly encourage all swimmers to participate in the meets.  The experience is an important part of growing as a swimmer, a team mate, and a person!

 We understand there may be special cases in which swimmers cannot be in meets.  We encourage you to discuss your situation with the coaches as soon as possible.  However, families of non-meet swimmers are also part of the team and also have the 3 job requirement.   


Parent testimonials:  

"Volunteering was a great way to get to know the kids my child was hanging around with this summer."

"Helping out in the bull pen made the sometimes loooong meets go by quickly!"


Note:  To ensure that the team has enough volunteers for every meet to run smoothly, the registration documents include a contract stating that a $250 charge will be assessed at the end of the season for all families that have not fulfilled their volunteer obligation.