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All SBA Swimmers must also join USA Swimming to swim with the team.

USA Swim Cards valid September 1, 2021 through December 30, 2022

‚ÄčOutreach Information - this is for swimmers who are economically disadvantaged

Since September 2019 the swim office (San Diego Imperial Swimming) no longer accepts individual registrations.  All registrations (new and renewed) are to be submitted electronically by the team.  SBA automatically renews and bills the USA card to accounts on December 1.  Should you wish to renew prior to that, contact the SBA Admin for immediate processing. 

Credit cards/ACH on file will be billed; cash/checks will no longer be accepted.

There are 3 types of cards all valid from September 1, 2021 - December 30, 2022.

Year Round Card - $79 allows unlimited USA sanctioned swim meets per registration

FLEX - $20 allows only 2 USA sanctioned swim meets per registration year

OUTREACH - $7 allows unlimited USA sanctioned meets per registration year and is for swimmers with a Free/Reduced lunch letter from their school. More information can be found at the link above.


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USA Swimming

San Diego Imperial Swimming

Time Standards

2020 Junior Olympic Time Standards

2020 San Diego Imperial Swimming Time Standards (BB Min)

2020 Western Zone Time Standards

2020 Far Western Time Standards

2017-20 National Age Group Motivational Times

Tips and Training

For nutritional information, check out these links from USA Swimming.

Check out these quick tips for swimmers and parents about stroke and turn techniques, positive and winning attitude, being supportive not oppressive, race strategies, dealing with injuries, strength training, and many other topics.