Swim School

Piedmont Swim Team is proud to offer three programs new to Montclair Swim Club:  

Our philosophy is to create a healthy, stress free and safe environment for individual swimmers at all levels to progress at their own pace.

Whether a first step, a life-long passion for the sport or simply to improve strokes and turns, we achieve success through an individualized approach in private and semi-private lessons.

Our highly qualified instructors have gone through vigorous internal training and have experience teaching swimmers of all ages (3+) and skill levels.  To achieve efficient and effective strokes, they understand individual reactions to the water and their influences on one’s ability to swim.

Please visit our biography page for further information.


In our Pre-Competitive Program, our goal is to prepare children, ages 6-12, to join a swim team. Class size is a maximum of 10 students per instructor, two times per week for six weeks. The course introduces children to legal, efficient and effective swimming strokes and most importantly, the fun of being part of a swim team.

Please click on each program link to learn more about our offerings and how to enroll.

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