Off the Black Line

Altitude Performance Swim Team is proud of our swimmers in and out of the competition pool and that is why we created Off The Black Line to show what our swimmers do outside the pool when they are not focused on the black line that goes down the middle of the lane.

2017 Young Champion Ambassador2017 Young Champion Ambassador

Abby was one of the eight finalists, with Ria Paradkar, a DCC swimmer who was named Colorado Springs' Young Champion Ambassador during a special ceremony back in June. The Young Champion Ambassador is a youth leadership program which engages high school students and cultivates them with a sense of community and pride.

Haitian refugees homesHaitian refugees homes

Matthew and Michael McGuire have been involved in a group called Royal Rangers, this is a Christian Group similar to Boy Scouts. They have been with this group for 13 years. Part of Royal Rangers is going to help those less fortunate. This is the second trip that Matthew has gone on to the Bahamas. The Commander of their outpost had connections in Spanish Wells, Bahamas and has been working there since 2004.

Canoa Ecuador Earthquake ReliefFill a Suitcase for Ecuador

Bags of supplies that were donated from Altitude made it down to Canoa and is already making an impact on the local residences. A big thank you goes out to everyone for making this possible.

35 ACT sophomoreElise Renwick

ACT test a near perfect score of 35 (out of 36 possible) - as a sophomore! Less than half a percent of all test takers achieve this score.

Rotary Club Champions Male Swimmer of the Year and Male Scholar Athlete of the YearAndrew Weiss

Rotary Club Champions Male Swimmer of the Year and Male Scholar Athlete of the Year.

2016 IB Graduate from RampartIB Graduates from Rampart

Three Altitude Swimmers were recognized for their completion of IB program at Rampart High School.
Left to right
Justin Leo - UCCS
Andrew Weiss - USAFA 
Nikolai McFall - U. of Michigan

2016 Scholarship winnerAlex Occhi

The winner of the 2016 Altitude Pride scholarship for the essay that was submitted, How being an Altitude swimmer has influenced my life. We Thank Alex for being a leader on this team and we are very excited to see what a great future is in store for him.