PENN USA Swim Team

PENN offers age-group competitive swimming training and competition at all levels lead by a first-class professional coaching staff.  PENN is a member of USA Swimming and offers a summer swim team program with Lower Bucks Swim League (LBSL) at Oxford Valley Pool.

Swim Team Groups and Descriptions

**Head Coach reserves the right to move a swimmer if they feel it's in their best interest. **

Swim Groups

  • Swimmers are tested and then assigned to specific practice groups based on their swimming abilities, endurance, practice attendance as well as where they are physically and mentally.
  • Head Coach is the only Staff Member that can move a swimmer to a different group. Parents are always welcome to contact the Head Coach to see what their swimmer needs to work on to take that next step.
  • Every Swim group has its own requirement and if requirements aren’t reached, actions can be taken to address the issues.

Developmental Group typically 8 and under)

  • Swimmer has the basics of all 4 strokes.
  • Can dive or eager to learn.
  • No Practice requirement.
  • Suggested practice attendance is 1-3 times a week.
  • Next group is Orange

Orange Group (Typically ages 9 – 12)

  • Swimmer can demonstrate a strong understanding of all 4 Strokes.
  • Can Dive.
  • No practice requirement (attendance is kept).
  • Shows the ability to lead.
  • Suggested practice attendance 1 to 4 times a week
  • Next group is Junior

Junior Group (Typically ages 10 -14)

  • Swimmer can swim all strokes working on finer parts of the strokes
  • 4 to 5 practices required a week (attendance is kept)
  • Suggested practice attendance 3- 5 Practices a week. 
  • LC is Highly Suggested!
  • Every event is to be swam throughout the year at least one time a year

Senior (Typically ages 14 & Up)

  • Swimmer Strokes are being Fine Tuned
  • 5 to 6 Practices required a week (attendance is kept)
  • Suggested Practice attendance is 5 to 6 a week (even during varsity season)
  • LC is Required
  • Every event is to be swam throughout the year at least one time a year
  • Work/ Help at team meets (Counts for Family Service hours)