Meet Schedule

2021 Swim Meet Schedule

Dear ODSL Swimmers & Parents, The ODSL Board are reviewing the most up to-date information provided by Virginia Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Governor Northams Phased Reopening Plan. Updated information will be released soon in reference to the 2021 swim team season! 

A few things became clear.

1-Social distancing guidelines are here to stay.

2-Face masks are a recommendation

3-Group size limitations. The current limit is a group size of 10 people, this could be increased but not enough to conduct a swim meet.

4-This virus KILLS (although the percent to total population is relatively small)

5-The way that this virus is spread is not conducive to conducting a swim meet • Respiratory Transmission (how many of our swimmers whether sick or not cough, sneeze in the team area) • Contact transmission. (Think about the amount of paper and items that we all must handle timer sheets, stop watches, DQ slips pens, pencils…etc. that would have to be sanitized prior to handing off to another person)

6-Putting 1 of our 3200 swimmers and 6000 parents at risk of catching this horrible virus far outweighs the benefit of conducting summer swim meets which, currently, we ALL need.

On behalf of the ODSL Board please stay safe, keep your families safe and we hope to be back in the pool soon!

*Saturday meets begin at 8:00 AM and Wednesday meets begin at 6:00 PM. Swimmers should be at the pool early and be ready for warm ups!  Allow enough time for the bathroom, finding your team etc....

*Helpful Tip (new members) Download the free app OnDeck. Will help keep track of all things Meet related: Declare meets, volunteer sign ups, meet location info, meet results etc.