Fall Special

Manta Ray Aquatics

Fall Special 2022

Sept 12-Dec 31

We are currently offering a Fall Special. This is a great way for new swimmers to transition onto our competitive team. The cost for Fall Special is based on the group. Novice is $85.00 per month, Level 1 is $100.00 per month, Level 2 $105.00 per month and Elite 3 $125.00 per month. Fall Special will run Sept 12-Dec 31. Novice swims up to three days per week (days TBA) Level 1 and Level 2 swimmers can swim up to four days per week (Monday-Thursday) during those months. Elite 3 swimmers can swim up to five days M-F. The membership agreement can be found under the "Parent Resources" tab then "Forms".

Your swimmer will also need a USA Swimming membership. USA Swimming is in the process of changing their system. Swimmers starting in Sept, you will not get your membership until then.

All swimmers will be rolled into month to month at the end of Fall Special. 

Coaches assess all swimmers and decide on group placement. The group your swimmer starts with, may not be the group they will continue to swim with. Groups are based on swim ability, not age. Coaches make final decisions on which groups swimmers are placed.

Please email with any questions, [email protected]

All group times and days subject to change, due to enrollment and pool availability. We send an email every Sunday with the schedule for the week. We try to keep the practice times as similar as possible, while working around high school sports.

All swimmers new to the program must make arrangements for a swim test prior to starting the program.

Fall Special pricing is for swimmers new to year round swimming. If your swimmer has been on MRA, year round, in the past, you will sign up as a month to month swimmer. The per month fees are as follows: Novice $95.00, Level 1 $110.00, Level 2 $115.00 and Elite 3 $135.00.