Volunteer Information

Read Mountain Swim Team 2019 Volunteer Job Descriptions

RMST is a volunteer driven organization and we depend on your participation as parents or guardians to make our season a success. We are a very large swim team, and as such, have the burden of volunteer jobs for our meets.  Without the participation of our families, we cannot run meets smoothly and cannot be successful as a team.  Descriptions of volunteer jobs are listed below; all of these jobs offer an opportunity for you to see your swimmer in his or her events. 

Each RMST family is required to complete 3 volunteer jobs for the season. This does not include completing a volunteer shift at the City/County swim meet at the end of the season. Further information concerning this event and how/when to sign up for a volunteer shift will be sent out later in the season.  If we do not fill all of the volunteer jobs that the RVAA assigns to us for each meet, our team will be docked points for that meet. 

Should you be unable to complete a shift for which you signed up, you are responsible for finding a replacement.  We depend on these shifts to run the meets, so please do your best to honor your volunteer obligation to our team.

Please be aware that sometimes meets are postponed or delayed due to weather; you are still responsible for your shift!

Timer:  arrive by 5:45, report as called by meet announcer. Your shift will consist of timing each individual heat, recording times on event cards, and handing off event cards to runners. You will be paired with another timer, working in groups of two.  

Runner:  arrive by 5:45, report as called by meet announcer. Your shift will consist of collecting event cards from timers and "running" them to the table workers at the meets. You may also be called upon to take event cards from the table workers to the clerk of course area.

Clerk of course:  Report by 5:45 for home and away meets. At each meet, a Head Clerk will run this area.  For home meets, the clerk of course area is located behind the diving board. During the meets (home and away) you will be responsible for helping distribute event cards to swimmers, verifying names on event cards and directing swimmers to the appropriate "on deck" location behind the

Table workers:  Report by 5:40pm; your job will consist of helping arrange and distribute event cards, as well as calculating combined times and recording the averaged time.  You will need to be comfortable using a calculator and averaging times for this job.  Table workers also help sort event cards and label and sort ribbons for both teams.  You will be working with the Head Table Worker and computer operator.

Break down:  (at home meets only) The break down requires that you stay until the end of the meet and return all items to the shed, as well as making sure the pool area is returned to good condition for the next day.  These are essential jobs!

Event Card Sorter:  Wednesday mornings during practice, you will sort and alphabetize event cards and ribbons from the previous night's meet.  You do not need to arrive at a certain time for this job--come at whatever time your swimmer's age group is scheduled to practice.

​Volunteer Helper:   The purpose of this job is to help provide cold water to all of the other volunteers working in the heat.  You may also be called upon to fill in for a job briefly so someone can swim or visit the restroom.  This is only for the jobs that do not require special training.

​50/50 Ticket Seller: ​We will be selling 50/50 tickets at all home meets this season.  This person will need to be at the pool no later than 5:00 to begin selling tickets as families come in and get ready for the meet.  We will be drawing around 7:00 - 7:30.  Tickets will be provided by the team. 


Volunteer Jobs which require special training:  Judges, Meet Referee, Starter, Head Table Worker.  In order to fill any of these positions, volunteers are required to attend special training sessions prior to the season; if you are interested in becoming a judge, meet referee, or starter for next year, please contact Jennifer Cleveland, RMST President at