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Members Handbook 2019-20


If you are new to the Club, or have been a member from the beginning, we all need to be reminded of the rules of the Club to ensure safety and fun for all. Click on the image to download the updated 2019-20 BSR Members Handbook and stay informed. 

Check out the handbook for such information as our opening hours, our policies and procedures for operation, contact information on Board members and lots of information about BSR.


BSR Board of Directors

Belair Swim & Racquet Club is operated in accordance with Corporation By-Laws that were established in 1965 and have been amended several times. The Club is owned by the members and management is vested in a volunteer Board of Directors who are formally nominated and elected by the general membership.


The Board of Directors consists of nine (9) elected members and one appointed member. The Board conducts the operations of the Club via specific Committees consisting of Board Members and other interested BSR Members. Key Committees have been established for Membership, Finance, Grounds and Facilities and Activities. All members are invited to join and help a committee of their choice.

The Board of Directors, with powers vested under the By-Laws of the Club, may prescribe, amend in whole or in part, or rescind any and all of the rules and regulations of the pool as outlined in the Members Handbook. The Board has authority to enforce these rules and regulations and to impose appropriate penalties for violations thereof. The Board of Directors may temporarily suspend any of these rules and regulations when they deem it appropriate to do so. 


Board Nomination Form

Each year three (3) members of the Board rotate off and three new members can be nominated and voted onto the Board. In order to be officially nominated, a member in good standing must obtain at least 10 signatures of members in good standing and return the signed nomination form into the Secretary of the Board at least 15 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in running for a place on the Board, please download the Nomination Form and follow the instructions.


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