Fees / Costs

2018 Swim Team and Swim Lesson Fees

BSR Barracudas Swim Team and Jr Swim Team fees

  • BSR Club Members: $50 (per swimmer)

  • Non-BSR Club Members: $150 (per swimmer)

  • Service Hours: $30 (per family)


​Swim Team Service Hours (New This Year)

This year we are asking each family to contribute a $30 deposit at registration which will be returned if all work commitments are fulfilled. Each swim meet relies on parent volunteers to make sure they run smoothly. We need a total of approximately 25-30 people to insure that each swim meet goes off smoothly.

Each family is asked to work at a minimum of 3 swim meets so we can share the load across all of our team. You will be able to sign up for a job for each of our dual meets. The job list will be posted in the "EVENTS" section for each meet. There will be more information on how meets work and the jobs that are available at our parent's meeting.

You will either have your $30 deposit returned at the end of the season or you can apply it to the cost of the Swim Banquet.


"Beginner Swimmer" - Lessons

  • BSR Club Members: $50 (includes access to both Sessions)

  • Non-BSR Club Members: $75 per Session or $140 for both sessions


There is a multi-swimmer discount for both BSR Members and Non-Members: 15% off for two swimmers, 20% off for three and 25% off for four or more.

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