Pups PreTeam


Summer 2020 PUPS Pre-Team


The Hood Hammerheads are bringing back our Pups Pre-Team program after five very successful seasons! The Pups Pre-Team is geared to the up and coming swim team members who need a little extra attention prior to joining a competitive swim team.


Interested swimmers will be evaluated by the Coach during a swimming skills assessment & registration session on our first day of morning practice on Tuesday, June 16th to determine appropriateness of participation.


Please register online first and bring payment with you to the assessment. Participants must be registered prior to the assessment. If upon assessment, your swimmer isn't quite ready for the program, your payment will be returned. No refunds will be given after the program begins.

Please note : The Pups Pre-Team is not swimming lessons. Prior swim instruction is required. Participants must be able to float on their backs, propel themselves forward (doggie paddle or rudimentary free-style by themselves). Swimmers should be comfortable in the water and be able to put their face in the water.


Our goal is to help instill the love of the sport and to inspire confidence in themselves as they learn and grow into a competent swimmer.


Pups Summer Schedule:.

5 week Session: June 16 (This first week only Pups will swim Tues-Fri.) - July 16, 2019  Monday through Thursday, 10:30 - 11:15am

Cost: $130 per Pups participant. This includes the $10 non-refundable insurance fee.


Pups are invited to be part of our Team/individual Photo Day TBD, and all of our team activities. The Hammerheads have 2-3 dinner Pep Rallies at Hood  and our End of the Season Banquet and hopefully a movie night or two.

We encourage you to bring your Pups to the meets to help cheer on the team and see what a meet is like.