All parents must work at meets unless they buy out ($200) at the beginning of the season.  If your child participates in both swimming and diving, you must work at some of both.

  • Each family with swimmers must have one adult or mature teen 16 or older work at three (3) meets out of five (5) during the season.  
  • Each family with divers must have one adult or mature teen 16 or older work at two dive meets during the season.
  • If your athlete is swimming or diving in conferences, you must also work at those meets for one shift. Pacific hosts the conference swim meet and if takes all families to make it successful.  
  • Four (4) deposit checks for swimmers and two (2) deposit checks for divers, made payable to Pacific Swim and Dive Team will be collected prior to the season. (Collection date and time to be communicated after signups.) Checks will be returned after each work obligation is completed.

There are many jobs to choose from.  Some require experience or special skills. Others do not. Most jobs will run the length of the meet, starting shortly before the meet starts.   There are a VERY small number of jobs that can be done outside the meets.  If you are unable to work meets you need to make arrangements to have someone there for you.  If this represents a true hardship, please contact us.  We want every child to be able to participate.

Possible swim meet jobs include:

Starter's Assistant
Safety Marshall
Concession Stand
Scoring table
Set-up and clean-up crew

Sign ups for jobs will be available to registered members soon.  An email will be sent 24 hours prior to jobs being released.  Jobs are first come, first served.  Thanks!


Dive Meet Volunteers 

Because of the small number of divers we have, parents have to work at least 2 meets plus conference, sometimes more, to make dive meets work.

Jobs include:

Dive judge, announcer (provided by the host team), table workers (score writer, calculator, ribbon writer), set up and clean-up and concession worker.

Judging a dive meet requires some practice, and it is recommended that EVERY dive parent attend the dive clinic to learn how to judge.  All of the other jobs require no special skills, and you will still be able to watch your diver when it is their turn!  

Sign up for these jobs will be available prior to the meet.