All parents must work at meets unless they buy out ($200) at the beginning of the season.  If your child participates in both swimming and diving, you must work at some of both.

  • Each family with swimmers must have one adult or mature teen 16 or older work at three (3) meets out of five (5) during the season.
  • Each family with divers must have one adult or mature teen 16 or older work at two dive meets during the season.
  • If your athlete is swimming or diving in conferences, you must also work at those meets for one shift. Pacific hosts the conference swim meet and if takes all families to make it successful.  
  • Four (4) deposit checks for swimmers and two (2) deposit checks for divers, made payable to Pacific Swim and Dive Team in the amount of $50 each will be collected at the Team Meeting on May 3rd.  Checks will be returned after each work obligation is completed.

There are many jobs to choose from.  Some require experience or special skills. Others do not. Most jobs will run the length of the meet, starting shortly before the meet starts.   There are a VERY small number of jobs that can be done outside the meets.  If you are unable to work meets you need to make arrangements to have someone there for you.  If this represents a true hardship, please contact us.  We want every child to be able to participate.


Volunteers are crucial to running a meet.  MEETS CANNOT HAPPEN WITHOUT OUR PARENT VOLUNTEERS. It is important that each family do its part. The security deposit checks are not intended to be a means of "buying out" your volunteer obligations.  The volunteer doesn't need to be a parent or guardian. Grandparents, siblings, family friends or even that kid (over the age of 16) that you hire can take your shift.  You will be responsible, though, if the person you designate doesn't fill the shift.

In addition, when a volunteer doesn't show, it can delay the meet while the Reps scramble to fill that position.  If you are unable to perform your volunteer role at a meet and can't locate someone to take your place, please help the meet run more smoothly by notifying the volunteer rep (Holly Durnal) as soon as you know you won't be there. The more time we have, the better the chances we can find someone to substitute.

For questions about your volunteer assignment, please contact 

Holly Durnal 636-222-7110

[email protected]


Thanks to all of the Volunteers who help at the Meets!!!



Pacific Swim Team Volunteer Information

Volunteer Assignment Sign Up: After signing into the website, access Swim Meets either on the Homepage or on the Meets page. Click on "Job Signup" for the meet(s) you'd like to sign up for. Click on the little box under or next to the job you'd prefer. (If there are no more boxes corresponding to that particular job, those slots are full.) After you click on the box, click Green Signup button at the top or bottom of the page. Your name should then appear under that job you selected.  Note, signing up for a volunteer assignment does NOT sign up your swimmers for the meet!  That needs to be done separately by clicking the "Attend/Decline" or "Edit Commitment" box for the meet(s) you'd like to sign your swimmers up for.

Meet Volunteer Sign Up: 

  • You can have your assignment go right to your calendar and you should receive a confirmation upon signing up for a job.
  • You will automatically get an email reminder 2 days before your volunteer assignment at the email you used when on the site.
  • If you are no longer able to work your job, please move to another available meet or switch with another parent.
  • It is your responsibility to work three meet slots plus conference to fulfill your volunteer duties. If you are unable to switch or work another available meet then you will forfeit your volunteer deposit. We will have to work to fill your empty spot, and turn your deposit money over to someone else to work extra.
  • Please enter the swimmer's last name in the comments when signing up if it is different from yours. This assures that your swimmer gets credit for the work assignments.

Pacific Volunteer Policy

Meets cannot happen without volunteers. Volunteering gives you a chance to get to know other parents and swimmers. You also are helping to make the meets run smoother and faster. Parents must sign-up to work before swimmers can participate.

  • Parents must work three swim meet shifts during regular season. This does not include conference. If parents also have dive team members, they will have additional dive team volunteer responsibilities.
  • If a swimmer participates in conference, one parent will be required to work the conference meet.
  • Volunteers will be responsible to be at their volunteer assignments from the start to the finish of the job requirements.
  • Childcare is not provided and volunteers will not be able to care for younger children while fulfilling their volunteer obligations.

Four $50 checks will be required to ensure swim team obligations are met

  • Checks will be returned or shredded at the end of each of the three swim meets plus conference you have worked. See the volunteer coordinators when you check in.


The following is required to meet volunteer obligations:

  • Sign up for the meet and volunteer position you'd like through our Team Unify website.
  • Read the job descriptions included below to determine which three meets and jobs you would like to do. Enter your name and THE SWIMMERS LAST NAME IN THE COMMENT SECTION IF DIFFERENT FROM YOURS.
  • Sign-ups are first come, first served. The earlier you register, the more choices you have.
  • Work the meets you signed up for. If you are unable to work the time you agreed to, you are responsible for finding a replacement. (Responsible children or friends, 16 years or older, may work for you).
  • You may contact the volunteer coordinator: Holly Durnal @ 636-222-7110 or [email protected]
  • Volunteers must check in with the volunteer coordinator by the time designated for your particular job (for most jobs this is 30 minutes before the meet starts). If you are not present to work your shift and the volunteer coordinators have found a replacement for you, your deposit check is forfeited to them. Clean up volunteers must stay after the meet until all equipment, furniture, trash etc. is put away and the area is clean. Time Sheet Judge, Computer Entry Assistant, and Time Entry Checkers may have to stay until results are complete.  If you are having a hard time finding a slot that works with your schedule, i.e., if particular meets that you can make are full or if you broke your leg and cannot stand, etc., please contact the Volunteer Coordinators we will work with you.
  • If obligations are not met your deposit checks will be cashed.
  • If a family fills in for a no show, they will receive the no show's forfeited $50 deposit. Filling in for a no show does not excuse you from your own obligation to work your originally chosen meet.
  • If a meet is rained out or rescheduled (for the next day for example) you are still responsible to work the shift. If unable to do so tell the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.

Pacific Volunteer Job Descriptions

Timer: This job starts 30 minutes prior to start of the meet. Three timers are required per lane with the duties on each lane split between the two competing teams. All timers start their watches on the flash and buzz of the starter's strobe and stop their watches when the swimmer in their lane touches the wall. Timers should verify the swimmers name either before or after their race. The team will provide stopwatches. One of the timers will act as the recorder and write all three of the times on the lane timing sheet provided on a clipboard at each lane. After the timing sheets are completed, "runners" will collect them. If one of the three timers on your lane doesn't get their watch started for some reason, they should raise their hand and yell for the head timer to come to that lane and step in to capture the end time. This is a standing job at poolside in an assigned lane. All timers, including those who are sometimes fulfilling split timing duties, must report for the timers meeting before the meet with the swim officials. The swim officials will provide additional instructions on timing and how the meet will be run. ALL STOPWATCHES AND CLIPBOARDS SHOULD BE RETURNED TO THE VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE MEET.

Head Timer: This timer stands to the side of the pool and starts their watches for every race on the signal of the strobe and buzzer from the starter. The head timer will be alert to signs from the lanes that they are needed and should go quickly to the lane where the regular timer is indicating a need for back-up (holding up their hand). They then stop their watch when the swimmer touches the wall and report the time to the recorder. Head timers also frequently need to check with the lanes to relieve assigned timers for brief bathroom breaks. This is a standing and walking job at poolside.

Starter Assistant: This individual will be keeping track of events and heats for the swim official (during home meets) by crossing off completed heats on the starter heat sheet, filling out DQ slips and assisting the official as requested. This is a standing and walking job at poolside.

Bullpen: This job starts 15 minutes prior to warm-ups. This job is in the holding area for swimmers called the bullpen. You will be directing swimmers for their assigned races and heats according to the heat-sheet and send the swimmers to the block area in time for their races. It is not the job of the bullpen to search for swimmers missing from the bullpen. This is a standing job, with walking, and communicating closely with the children.

Safety Marshall:  This individual will be walking around the pool area ensuring everyone is following all current covid rules, no kids are running on the deck, and generally making sure no one is causing problems. They will also be policing the area for trash and cleaning up messes as needed. This can be an active job depending on the needs.

Announcer:  This individual announces over the PA all of the races, heats, names of swimmers in the races, and any important info that will help the meet run smoother. They will also be keeping the event number updated.

Concession Stand:  This job starts 30 minutes prior to warm-ups. These individuals will serve food and drinks to customers during the meet. After the meet they will help to break down and clean up the concession area.

Runner: This individual's job is to collect the timesheets after each even numbered event from the back of the lane rows and the DQ slips from the DQ recorders and "run", or turn them into, the time sheet judges in the computer area. It is important to collect these frequently and deliver them timely to keep the results flowing. This is a standing, walking job around the pool and building area.

Scoring Table: This individual receives the time sheets from the runners, sorts the sheets by the event number, and either checks that the middle time has been circled by the lane timers or circles the middle time. They will then receive a computer printout, check that all times have been entered correctly by verifying against the actual time sheets and inform the computer entry person if any changes need to be made. This job maybe away from the pool deck, it is a sitting position.

Set Up: This job starts 45 minutes prior to start of warm-ups and checks in with the volunteer coordinator. Table and chair set up, general meet organization, setting up supplies, starter table, roping off seating areas, gathering supplies and general meet prep duties as directed by the coaches, hospitality, computer coordinator and meet coordinators are needed. This is an active position requiring walking, standing and maybe light physical duties. Once the meet is running smoothly this job duty is complete. This job is only for home meets.

Volunteer Check-in/End of meet collector: This job starts 30 minutes prior to warm-ups. Duties include helping set up the volunteer check-in table, gathering paperwork, clipboards and watches. This job may involve running for supplies, communicating between locations, handing out nametags and stopwatches, checking in workers and general "gofer" duties. This can be an active job depending on the needs. Once the meet is running smoothly this job is complete until the end. Then clipboards and watches will need to be collected and put away.

Clean Up: You will need to check in with the volunteer coordinators before the meet, so they know you are present for your job. You will obtain trash bags from the concession stand in the later part of the meet and start picking up trash and policing the area. Once the meet is complete you will help with take down of chairs, tables, roping, signage, and general clean up duties. All pool chairs must be spread out along the pool deck. The pool area must be returned to original condition for opening the next day. Lost and found item will be collected and turned in. You will be released by the coaches, or team president or volunteer coordinators once the work is complete. If you leave before this job is complete you may forfeit your deposit check. If all assigned workers are present, this job usually takes no more than 20-30 min after the meet completion. This is a physically active job involving lifting, bending, walking, and carrying. This job is only for home meets.

Staging: This job starts 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet. This job uses the heat-sheet to help swimmers brought to you from the bullpen get into the correct lane order and to the blocks. This is especially helpful for the young swimmers needing direction to get up on the block for their race. This is a standing and walking job at poolside.

Hospitality: The hospitality worker serves water or other provided drinks to all meet workers, coaches and swim officials throughout the meet. They are also policing the area for trash and cleaning up messes as needed. This job is very important, especially on hot days! This job is only for home meets.


Sign ups for jobs will be available to registered members soon.  An email will be sent 24 hours prior to jobs being released.  Jobs are first come, first served.  Thanks!


Dive Meet Volunteers 

Because of the small number of divers we have, parents have to work at least 2 meets plus conference, sometimes more, to make dive meets work.

Jobs include:

Dive judge, announcer (provided by the host team), table workers (score writer, calculator, ribbon writer), set up and clean-up and concession worker.

Judging a dive meet requires some practice, and it is recommended that EVERY dive parent attend the dive clinic to learn how to judge.  All of the other jobs require no special skills, and you will still be able to watch your diver when it is their turn!  

Sign up for these jobs will be available prior to the meet.