Volunteer Jobs

 Volunteer Job Descriptions/Obligation

All swim meets are run by parent volunteers.  In fact there are many volunteers needed to run each and every meet.   Each swim family is obligated to volunteer to help at meets your swimmers participate in. We need many jobs performed for both Saturday morning A meets and Wednesday evening B meets.     Below are some of the jobs for which we need volunteers.  

 A/B Meet Jobs requiring no certification or training:

Announcer:  Works all home meets to announce events, swimmers and sponsors. Works closely with the Referee & Starter to keep the meet running on schedule (1 person each home A and B meet)

Automation Reader:  Read times to computer operator.   (1 person each Wednesday night home B meets) 

Automation/Score Verifier:  Verify times as produced by automation against the lane/timer sheets.  (1 person each Wednesday night away B meets) 

Clerk of Course - Work during meets to control flow of swimmers to Clerk’s benches, checks in the swimmers and tells them their lanes.  All swimmers report to the Clerk of Course for their event.  (2 people per meet for both A & B meets)  

Head Timer/Asst. Head Timer: Assist referee by coordinating the timers, provide a back-up watch for timers as needed (1 person per meet)

Ribbon Writing:   Work during meets to affix labels to swimmers’ ribbons.  This job starts half hour after the meet starts and may run a half hour after the meet ends. (1 person per meet)

Runners:   Deliver heat/event results to automation. Note:  Runners can be children or adults (2 per meet)

Set-Up/Break-Down: Set-up pool area 1 hour before warm-up for home meets. Set up lane ropes, arrange seating, set- up Clerk of Course area. Clean up and restore pool area at the conclusion of home meets. Put away tables and chairs and other meet supplies. (3-4 people per meet)

Take off Judges: Several volunteers are needed to ensure swimmers do not take off early during our two Relay Carnivals. 

Timers: Work during meets operating a stopwatch as one of three timers per lane. (9 people per meet; on-the-job training is provided).


 A/B Meet Jobs requiring certification

Referee: Certified official responsible for compliance of swimmers and other officials during the meet. (1 person per meet; MCSL certification required)

Starter: Certified official responsible for ensuring fair starts by swimmers. (1 person per meet; MCSL certification required)

Stroke and Turn Judge: Certified official responsible for ensuring event rules are observed. (2 per meet; MCSL certification required)


 Additional Volunteer Jobs

Donut Delivery:  Pick up donuts on Fridays for Barracuda Challenge

Social Host: Every Friday night during the swim team season, the Westleigh Barracudas meet at

6pm to share dinner and get excited for the week’s events. We are looking for families (2 each week) to help us organize and deliver these events.