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The following descriptions are designed to help you decide for which group to register your swimmer when joining our team! If you have any additional questions, please contact Tori Zieger at [email protected]

**The fees listed are only monthly practice fees. For additional registration and fundraising fees, please click here

Short course 2020-2021 season will begin September 1

Families have the choice of paying contract fees upfront, or they may divide them into 12 monthly payments. (If completing late registration, the contract fee will be pro-rated, and payments will be divided among the remaining billing periods for the season.) Please note contracts are priced by season, which typically run 11 months:  September until the end of July/early August. However, contract payments are divided into 12 payments, allowing families the greatest amount of time to pay-off contract fees. Families are welcome at any time to login to their team accounts to make additional payments toward their contract balance so that they may pay it off in fewer than 12 months. Please note, however, payments made are stored as a team credit and applied to each month's invoice, which may include meet fees or other team fees. Keep that in mind when making additional payments.

Please visit the links below to see detailed information about each of our practice groups

Practice times listed on these pages might change due to accommodations needed to be made due to COVID. Thank you for your patience


Age Group

Advanced Age Group

Senior Group

Summer Recreational Program