Opt Out/Sign Up for Meets

Meet types

A-Meets are held Saturday morning and generally swum by the fastest swimmers in each age group.   You need to sign OUT for A-meets.

B-Meets are held Wednesday evenings and are fun, less competitive meets where swimmers can post times to become eligible for the A-Meet, demonstrate skills learned in practice and compete against other teams. You need to sign UP for B-meets.

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A Meets

This process replaces the former “out of town” paper sign-up sheet.

For A-Meets it is required to sign-out of the meet by Tuesday 5 pm for the week.  If you do not sign your child OUT it is assumed that they are eligible to swim in the meet (unless they are a pre-team member).    Please sign your swimmer out as soon as you know they are unavailable.  This can be done now.   

Sign OUT procedure

To sign out from an A-meet, complete the steps below for each swimmer that is unavailable for the meet:

  1. Select the Meet & Team Events Tab or go to the list of events on the home page
  2. Click the "Attend/Decline" button for the meet.  This will bring up a list of all swimmers registered on your account
  3. Click on the swimmer's name in the Member Name column
  4. Change the drop-down box labeled "Declaration" to reflect "No, thanks, (swimmer first name) will NOT attend this event.
  5. Click on the "Save Changes" button.

Why is this Important?

Swim meet rosters must be submitted by the coaching staff in advance before each meet.  These rosters must note the name of the swimmer and event to be swum for every event.  Because coaches are permitted to change only a very few swimmers after the roster deadline, it is extremely important that swimmers let the coach know if they will be absent for any meet.   If a swimmer is scheduled to swim and does not show up, this is called a “scratch”.  It means that the team loses a swimmer in every event that swimmer was scheduled in, the lane is empty, the team loses points and another swimmer loses the opportunity to swim in that event slot. 


B Meets

For B-Meets it is required to sign UP for the meet by 9 pm on the Monday before the Wednesday meet.  If you do not sign your child UP for the B-meet it is assumed they will not be swimming.   We cannot accept swimmers after the deadline because meet preparation (lane assignments, program printing, etc.) begins immediately after the deadline.     This applies to both home and away meets.


  • If a swimmer swims in the A meet the previous Saturday, the swimmer is only eligible to swim in the following Wednesday’s B meet those strokes he/she did not swim on Saturday (i.e., if the swimmer swims Freestyle on the previous Saturday, he/she may not sign up for it on Wednesday).  The exception is if the swimmer is asked to “Swim Up” to an older age group on Saturday morning; then, the swimmer may then compete on Wednesday in that same stroke in their own age group.
  • A swimmer that swam 3 strokes at the A meet will need to swim as an exhibition swimmer and will not be eligible for a ribbon.   Exhibition swims are at coach discretion.
  • The swimmer may swim up to three individual strokes and the IM. 
  • The Swimmer must be “legal” in the stroke he signs up for.  If unsure, please ask the coach prior to signing up.

Sign UP Steps

  • Signups will begin after the A Meet roster posts and end on Monday at 9:00 p.m. After Monday evening, you WILL NOT be able to sign up for that week’s Wednesday B meet.
  • After viewing the A Meet roster, go to the Event Tab on the website, https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?_tabid_=0&team=recwbst , and select the Attend this Event button for the next B meet. If you are planning to swim in the B meet, select the member name and after Sign up Record, select Yes, please sign up for this event.  After you have committed to attend the meet, you will be able to check the eligible strokes the member would like to swim on Wednesday.  Make sure to Save Changes.