Requirements to Join

To join HCAC, swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle, with face in the water, using rotary breathing; and 25 yards backstroke. Completion of American Red Cross Level III swimming lessons is highly recommended.

Financial Obligations

Every organization has bills to pay, but the HCAC tries to make membership as affordable as possible and equitable for all its members. The basic financial obligations for membership include:

  • Annual registration fee of $400 per family (additional $100 per swimmer) due September 10.
  • Monthly dues of $80 for Gold swimmers, $60 for Silver, $50 for Bronze and $40 for Typhoon swimmers due the first day of each month. A $10 discount is provided for multiple swimmers from the same family. For example, if you had a Silver swimmer and two Bronze swimmers, your total monthly dues would be $140 (or $60 + $40+ $40).
  • In addition, each family is responsible for an annual minimum fund-raising commitment of $100. This can be obtained by getting a sponsorship from a local business or individual.  Sponsor names will appear on website, club t-shirt and at the pool.  Sponsorship money is due by September 15.
  • Entry fees for each meet are approximately $60-$80, due at the time of meet registration. These fees cover USA Swimming and NC Swimming charges, meet charges, and traveling expenses for our coaches.

Please email Montz Burckhardt at burckhardt@campbell.edu or call him at (910) 893-1353 if you are interested in joining.