All HSST registered team members will receive a team swim cap and an official team shirt. Additional shirts and caps along with other team apparel will be available as part of our teams fundraising efforts.

Also, in keeping with USA rules effective September, 2019, 12 and unders will not be permitted to wear tech suits or anything FINA approved. They must wear the team suit to meets. If you have any questions please contact Coach Doretta

Required Equipment-

***Please do not purchase small kickboards or paddles that require straps***

Small Sails - Team Suit, TYR Cross Blade Fins, large kickboard, Equipment Bag

Prep Sails -  Team Suit, TYR Cross Blade Fins, Pull Bouy, large kickboard, Finis Agility Paddles,Equipment Bag

Junior Sails - Team Suit, TYR Cross Blade Fins,  large kickboard, Pull Bouy,  Finis Swimmers Snorkle (nose plug if needed), Finis Agility Paddles, Equipment Bag, Lock

12 and older swimmers-Yoga mat and sneakers for dry land

Senior Sails - Team Suit, TYR Cross Blade Fins, large Kickboard, Pull Bouy, Finis Swimmers Snorkel (nose plug if needed), Finis Agility Paddles, Equipment Bag, Lock

12 and older swimmers in Jr/Sr group only- Yoga mat and sneakers for dry land