Group Learn to Swim Lessons (Ages 6 months – any age)                                   

These classes range in levels from Parent/Child beginner classes all the way to Level 6 Swimming and Skill Proficiency.  This program is the catalyst to competitive swimming and a lifelong love of the sport.  Classes are taught in four 30 minute classes in a group setting.  These lessons are offered March through July.

Private Learn to Swim Lessons (Any age)                                                 

If you are in need of additional specific training, private swim lessons are taught in four 30 minute classes.  These lessons are offered September through April.




Lanier Aquatics Team Preparation Group

This monthly program is for swimmers that are not quite ready for the swim team atmosphere OR who want to gain more endurance and/or technique prior to trying out for swim team.  This program is also great for middle school & high school swimmers who want to gain more technique.

Participation is open to any swimmer who is age 4 years old and up.  Swimmers must be able to swim unassisted.  Part of this unique program will allow the participants to participate in beginning level swim competitions.  You swimmer does not need to know all four strokes, proper stroke technique or the ins and outs of turns and starts.  Contact Coach Debby for more information at  OR   770-533-5840.


Summer Swim Team

A fun oriented summer swim team and meet program that is aimed at the seasonal recreational level swimmers but open to others that wish to participate. Swimmers will develop meet and team experiences that allow for the recreational swimmer and their family exposure to the sport in a fun, educational, and positive atmosphere that leaves everyone looking forward to the next practice/meet. Swimmers must be able to pass Level 4 Swim lesson requirements to join. Evaluations are done weekdays at 4PM (through May 26th).

Program events: One dual or tri meet per week (six in all) with three special invitational type meets, one approximately every two weeks.



This is the entry level for swimmers ages (approximately) 6 – 10 years, with basic swimming skills.  They have six available practice times per week and should strive to make at least three. The focus is on elementary technique and enjoying the water. Participants need to be able to complete at least 25 yards (one pool length) unassisted.



This group ranges in age from 8 years to early teens.  The basics are constantly emphasized and more conditioning is introduced.  Participants need to be able to swim all four strokes legally. Of the six practices offered each week, it is recommended that swimmers in this group attend at least four. 



This level is for swimmers ages 9 years and over with good basic skills that need accelerated training in technique and conditioning.  Of the six practices offered each week, it is recommended that swimmers in this group make at least four. Must be able to legally perform all strokes and also be able to swim six fifties leaving every minute.



This is the second highest level training group and is for swimmers age 11 years and older that have the desire, skills and conditioning to train for the eventual move up to the top training group. Must be able to perform all events in the sport and be able to make fifteen 100’s leaving every minute and thirty seconds. This group is also for 8th through 12th graders who wish to train throughout the year for their school teams but are not ready for or do not wish to commit to the higher level groups.

Swimmers in these group should make as many scheduled practices per week as possible. 



This is the highest training group offered and is for those swimmers with the desire, skills and conditioning necessary to train at the elite level.  Fourteen years is the usual entry age for this group.  Swimmers in this group are required to make all scheduled practices. Mutual consent from coaches, swimmers and families required to join this group. Must have performed all events in the sport in competition and be able to swim twenty 100’s leaving every minute and twenty seconds.    


Masters Swimming (18 yrs and old)     

U.S. Masters Swimming welcomes swimmers of all abilities who want to improve their overall fitness, develop better technique, or train for any type of swimming competition. If you want to get fit, become a better swimmer, stay motivated and meet new friends, U.S. Masters Swimming is the place to be.